Tuesday, October 25, 2016


Someone pointed out to me today, that Benghazi marks the first time that Americans have been killed abroad where America and more specifically, the Secretary of State, was blamed instead of the terrorists themselves being blamed.

I think she might be right.

Funny what you get blamed for when you're not white or not a man these days. Hillary is in for a hell of a ride.

We'll see if it's as bad as President Obama's.

Some think it's automatic that black men are less respected than white women. I don't. I don't think it's an accident or happenstance that President Obama snatched the presidency from Hillary Clinton eight years ago

Sexism and mysogyny sticks men together, regardless of race, on a bunch of issues: Denial or rape; denial of sexual harassment; the belief that women are emotional and less intelligent are just a few thing upon which they agree. And that last one is probably why black men got the vote before white women.

From where I sit, a lot of white men like white women just fine...so long as those white women are walking three steps behind them. The sentencing of Brock Turner and Austin Wilkerson should also tell you how much white men care for white women that are not labeled "wife" (attached to a white man) or "mother" (attached to a white man's child).

Except for feminists, I think people are severely underestimating how much Hillary will be punished for not being a man.

Of course, she's experiencing it already. I just didn't see the Benghazi crap as part of it.

Please don't think it's Hillary's baggage, of which she has plenty, that makes the conservatives hate her and progressives wary. They hated her the minute Bill Clinton took office 

I was living in a small white republican town when Bill Clinton became president. So I know the republicans hated Bill too. 

The republicans were powerful in 1990s, seemingly unstoppable and cohesive. The dog whistlers had their racists on a least for the most part back then. And when they got off the leash, they were so far removed that the republicans just feigned confusion about the uncivilized white folks killing black and brown people.  And since they were powerful, they fully expected they would have the presidency, the House, and the Senate forever going forward.

The republicans were that arrogant. 

So the repubs resented Bill Clinton's win. But they hated Hillary MORE. And that was before she said or did anything.  

I saw the hatred. And it was savage, instant, and pure. My mother, who doesn't notice these things, said to me just a few days ago, "They hated her because she was smart and had a career and because she wasn't at home with kids like Jackie O or something." 

Yup, that's all it took.

Hillary Clinton broke the First Lady gender role and they've been punishing her for it ever since.

Compare Michelle Obama:

It looks to me like Michelle saw what happened to Hillary and took the hint. After all, Michelle's an attorney too. But she pulled herself way back from her career when Barack Obama won. And for the first four years of his presidency she focused almost exclusively on children's physical fitness. She was damn careful not to say anything that sounded like policy. And she still got pounded by white conservatives. I can't imagine what they'd have done to her if she had tried to work on a project (healthcare reform) like Hillary did in the 1990s. The racism and sexism combined? I don't even want to imagine it.

When Hillary is president, she going to be considered "the leader of the free world" by those in America.

A woman.

So, I can't wait to see how the white male resentment plays out this time. Can you?

One thing Hillary has in favor?  She's battled the Tangerine Colored Trump and could still think and speak coherently despite the continuous stream of babbling b.s.that was coming out of his mouth.

This ought to mean Hillary can take anybody. 

But I can't wait to see how it plays out.