Monday, October 31, 2016


Feeling Rebloggy [Surprisingly enough to some,] this isn't sugar skull make-up. It's generic skeleton make-up. There is a particular design and aesthetic to sugar skull painting, and it usually involves simple flower designs and bright colors."

~Siboney Ornelas

This is not cultural appropriation. This is Bad Beti

"The concept around being a "Bad Beti" means bad girl/daughter, because there are so many expectations women have to follow under south asian culture that are actually really harmful and restrictive. So the point of this is to make her look really bad / evil / scary and not your [girl] next door future wife. The point is to represent yourself as a Desi but bring out that "badness" that is often condemned. So essentially it is depicted by a skeleton drawing on the face... I can see why it looks similar to sugar skull...
~Hira Kalyal

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This more like Sugar Skull Make Up To Me