Saturday, February 25, 2017


Feeling Rebloggy

 Kim Voeks said, 

     "You know I have a big mouth. But that doesn't mean I believe people are listening. Sometimes they are.
     Over a year ago I bitched on Facebook about how I was treated as I entered courthouses. There were two, specifically, that I had problems with. In spite of the fact that I've been in practice for over twenty years in the same courts, I would be stopped and security screened every time I came in the door. Now, if everyone was subject to the same search, I'd be fine. And in some courts, everyone is. But in these courts, I would watch white lawyers breeze through the door, without so much as a howdy do, while I, someone the same deputies had seen the day before, had to put my stuff through the x-ray machine and had to clear the metal detector.

     Interestingly enough, recently, things have changed. In one of those courts, the white deputy who worked the door, retired. His replacement? A black deputy, who is always happy to see me and is friendly.

     In the other court, my bitching got back to a judge. I can't say she was happy about me bitching. However, the following week, the troublesome deputy was gone and the two that remained, now greet me at the door and say "C'mon in." I'm sure it was an uncomfortable conversation for the judge and she probably doubted what I was saying was true. But she fixed it.

     Dealing with racism isn't comfortable. Especially not for those of us experiencing it. But stepping up to it isn't impossible. I feel better about the court and the judge. (Now, if we can just get to disparate sentencing .....)"