Sunday, March 6, 2016


Gurira's political drama is
the first Broadway play 

written by, 
directed by, 
and starring women 
-- and black women at that
(if the director's a 
black woman crew too)

"Eclipsed" was written by Danai Gurira star of television's "The Walking Dead." Inspired by a news story about a real black female rebel soldier called "Black Diamond," this play is about the paths a specific 4 to 5 women choose during the Liberian Civil War.

I read part of a New York Times review, then stopped because the story looks awesome and reviewer seemed bent on telling the entire story within the review.
A brief description From Amazon
"It’s best to work with the system, and right now – the system is war.

2003, civil war is raging in Liberia. At a rebel army base four young women are doing their best to survive the conditions of the war. Yet sometimes, the greatest threat comes not from the enemy’s guns, but from the brutality of those on your own side. With the arrival of a new girl, who can read, and an old one, who can kill, how might this transform the future of this hard-bitten sisterhood?

Gurira's play has been around for a while and played in Los Angeles in 2009. The fact that it's still around and Lupita Nyong'o decided she wanted to be in it bad enough to be part of an ensemble cast instead of a in a play where she could be a headliner --due to that Oscar in her pocket-- speaks volumes as to the quality of this play.

The short description of the play above is from, where you can buy a copy of the script. 

The play opens on Sunday, March 6 2016.

If you can go see it, go see it. 

An interview with Danai and Lupita is here at the link below, an awesome photo here too