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Two friends decide to combine their efforts at finding love online. They exchange faces on one of their online dating profiles just to see what happens.

As you can probably guess,  it's not long before things start getting complicated.

- by Black & Sexy TV

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"There are a lot of ways in which it sucks to be a light or white-presenting Native American.

I’m often not recognizable, even to people of my own nationality. Sometimes, I even have to perform to be seen by myself, as if by wearing turquoise and beadwork, I won’t get so lost in the Western world. Of course, it’s so much deeper than that, but it can help to have outward reflections of an inner truth.  If I’m not performing for myself, it can feel as if I’m performing to others.
At times, (though very rarely) others with mixed-Native heritage have compared themselves to me, as if I were on the bottom of the scale for Native-presenting-ness. 
“Oh, I look mixed, but I look more Native than Mistylynn, right?” 

....Because I am Indigenous and I do face a great deal of challenges specific to my nationality, I have often wrongly believed that I don’t have white privilege. That isn’t true, because the larger world views me as a white woman...
Misty Ellingburg

As I understand it, this woman once stopped talking to people, cut them out of her life, because they told her she had white privilege. Talk about growth?


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It doesn't appear most of them died under mysterious circumstances.  One of the suicides appears to be on video. But with this many black women dying in jail cells over the last two weeks it makes you wonder how many others died without the main stream media picking up on it.


Sandra Bland, 28, was found unresponsive in a Texas jail on July 13 after being brutally arrested for a traffic violation days earlier. The police officer Encinia clearly lied and lied again about the nature of the rest (bold faced and sin-of-omission)  Read More:

Kindra Chapman, 18, committed suicide in an Alabama on July 14 after allegedly stealing a cell phone. It appears Kindra's suicide is on video though it will not be made public. We can only hope that appropriate monitoring and precautions were taken with this teen.

Joyce Curnell, 50, was found dead July 23 at the Charleston County Correctional Facility. Curnell appears to have been given medical attention prior being put in a cell.

Ralkina Jones, 37, was found unresponsive in a Cleveland Heights, Ohio jail on July 26th, 2 days after a Friday arrest for a domestic dispute with her husband.

Raynette Turner, 44, who had various health issues, was found dead in a Mount Vernon jail cell on July 28th after a shop lifting arrest. 

"Though the Black Lives Matter Movement is led by black women, stories of their experiences with law enforcement have been largely overshadowed by the narratives of black men. But the national outcry over Sandra Bland’s death has been unusual. Her name trended on Facebook and Twitter for days. #JusticeForSandraBland trended on Twitter for just as long. Perhaps her own outspokenness on racial justice issues through her video series #SandraSpeaks made the story behind her death more compelling for mainstream news outlets to pick it up."






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POEM: And Then None Of It Mattered


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"What happened is, there’s a term we hear in the criminal law field-- “somebody failed the attitude test.” And when somebody fails the attitude test, things escalate.

Again, there is no “attitude test” that’s permissible as a basis for police encounters, meaning police officers don’t get to harass you because you have a bad attitude, or you don’t show them the proper deference.

You see in that moment where he orders her to put out her cigarette, a breakdown in police training. Basically, being a police officer, you’re going to run into people having a bad day, not wanting to engage with you, not wanting to chat and not wanting to continue an encounter beyond the legally permissible scope of the encounter. And that’s what happened here. She’s allowed to leave at that point, and he’s like "hey put out your cigarette."

He has no lawful basis to order her to do so under the facts of this case. If she was doing something that was interfering with him conducting the traffic stop, the officer may issue a lawful order for her to stop doing that. But officers continue encounters with people smoking cigarettes all the time. She’s not doing anything unlawful, she’s not doing anything that increases the danger to the officer.

But beyond that, the question becomes, why is he telling her that? Why is he telling her to put out her cigarette? What is his lawful authority to do so?

Because his right to detain her ended the minute he was done with his traffic investigation and written the ticket or warning. At that point, the detention became unlawful.* At that point, he is no longer acting in his capacity as a police officer, rather he is just a man in uniform harassing a woman stopped alone in her car by the side of the road.

Again, this is where the Fourth Amendment controls the encounter. Once the investigative detention relating to the traffic stop was complete, he had no basis to detain her, no basis to order her to put out her cigarette, and no lawful basis to order her out of her vehicle.

What Sandra failed was the Uppity N-Word Test. It's 2015. It is decades past the time that this test was abolished
The lawyer interviewed here follows up by saying Bland had the right to resist an assault, even if someone wearing a uniform is doing the assaulting. 

Read The Entire Conversation Here

* * * * *




*Rodriguez vs. United States (April 2015)

The court took the case Rodriguez v. United States ...Ginsburg got to write the majority opinion. She didn't overturn the 2005 Caballes case, in which she had dissented -- doubtless she didn't have the votes to do so. Instead, she noted that Stevens, writing in Caballes, had said that a traffic stop could become unlawful “if it is prolonged beyond the time reasonably required to complete the mission of issuing a warning ticket.”

Ginsburg was this time prepared to concede that an officer could perform “certain unrelated checks” during a traffic stop. But, she said, the officer could not perform unrelated checks “in a way that prolongs the stop.”
Bloomberg View

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According the video link below and police led rumors on the  contents of the dash cam video, deficiencies have been observed in the handling of Sandra Bland. "Deficiencies" What a word to use? She's dead.

Clearly, police departments in this country need some sort of national oversight. Every citizen in this country needs to be able to see what they are doing to whom and make them answer for it. And we need to be able to see the patterns of abuse.

Driving While Black, for example, has a perfectly predictable pattern.  The black person is stopped for a traffic violation that is almost nothing. The white police officer assumes correctly that he or she can manhandle a black person for kicks or for having the audacity to back talk one of  massa's descendants or worse one of massa- wannabe- descendants.


Police, not even the ones in Texas, should not be able to arrest people for "back talk" then call it "resisting arrest"  and "assaulting a police officer" when the person reacts with horror and shock.  

Eric Casebolt tried this with Dejerrica Becton (McKinney Pool Party) and the two teenagers who ran up to help her. This is something Casebolt would have been 100% successful in getting away with if he hadn't pulled his gun on a cell phone video. ( If Casebolt's not working at a new police department this year, I'll bet he will be within two or three years.)

It seems obvious to me that if a cop doesn't produce a solid charge that precedes "resisting arrest," he or she is abusing his authority to harass a citizen.  And if the charge that precedes "resisting arrest" is going to be "assaulting of a police officer" then the police officer should have to prove the citizen assaulted him or her ---BEFORE the citizen was touched in any way.

This might not be easy in all situations, but it is perfectly do-able in the traffic stop situation. Tell the person they are going to be arrested and step out of the car. If they hit the officer in the process, that's "assault of a police officer"

When you yank someone around and they struggle just before you say "you're under arrest," the part before the words? That's called "resisting assault" even if you're wearing a uniform.

And when I say a police officer needs proof of "assaulting an officer," I mean body camera or dash cam proof. Any cell phone video the police want, they should request a copy of it from an independent body like the ACLU. They can watch and/or help the citizen send the video to the ACLU.  There's an app for that.

And if the person originally stopped for something as minor as jaywalking or a turning signal violation does not have a record that includes violence or a documented history of mental illness that includes violence, there should be an investigation by some organization that lies outside the state.  That is, common sense says that anybody arrested for assault and resisting arrest should have a charge worthy of assault and resisting arrest for.

Sandra Bland's lane change without a signal wouldn't be one of those charges.

Contrary to how we're being treated, black skin is not synonymous with violent insanity.  That was the unofficial verdict in Mike Brown's case, right?  He just went crazy during a jay walking stop and punched Darren Wilson for no reason.  This is the unofficial verdict that's being pushed in Sandra Bland's case as well.   One of the reasons this bill of goods is able to be sold over and over again is because we don't have a national agency to govern our police departments.

A national agency would be able to have a mission statement (?) that makes it clear that the person with the most responsibility for what goes wrong in these minor law violations will always be assumed to be the person with all the authority, the police officer.  As a result of this mental shift, when there is a disparity between the law violated (turning signal) and resulting behavior (assault an officer and resisting arrest) there should be a requirement that a report be to be filed.

And while a preliminary paper investigation based on such a report took place, that officer should have to give up all his weapons (service and home weapons) and be put on desk duty until the paper investigation comes to a conclusion or is escalated.

When the investigation takes more than two weeks, the officer should be put on leave without pay.

If an officer is investigated two or three times for minor violations that turn into a unjustifiable knee on the neck arrests or bullets fired, there should be loss of job, some sort of suspended sentence charge that results in the permanent loss of  his or second amendment rights.

If there are immediate consequences for a ridiculous escalation of violence and the officers knows they bear the burden of proof within this new systems, then police officers will be the ones that want the body cameras and dash cams to be a nationwide requirement.

These are the non-racial steps we need to take to ensure that the person with the most authority is the most at fault for situations that escalate from turning signal violation to "resisting arrest"   We can make it a given that there will be immediate consequences for stupidity and escalating violence while you are doing a job that requires you carry a gun.

If we already had this in place...

Driving While Black Assaults wouldn't be nonexistent. But they would be greatly reduced.

Mike Brown might still be here if Darren Wilson had known there would be consequences.

Sandra Bland might still be here, too.

Skip Gates would likely still be led out of his own home in handcuffs, but the officer abusing his authority would know he had one strike against him and two left to go before he lost his job.

We need to make a national organization happen. We need disparities between the initial non-violent law broken and a violent arrest to result in immediate consequences for police officers.


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Connecting The Scattered 
And Untold Stories 
of the 
Black/African Diaspora 

FOCUS: POP CULTURE, E-RACE-SURE, THE MOVIE "GIRLHOOD,"*  FEELING SURE OF YOUR OWN BLACKNESS,  RACIAL ISOLATION (*- i saw this movie, the white stereotyping of black females was disturbingly familiar.)


'Strolling' is a short documentary film series created by Cecile Emeke where we take a stroll with people in various cities and countries around the world, having refreshingly raw and honest conversations about various issues at the forefront of their society. We touch on everything from feminism, sexuality, gender, race and politics to philosophy, art, history, capitalism, war and poverty and everything else you can think of.

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Immediately after arresting Sandra Bland, Officer Encinia called in a description of what preceded the arrest and the arrest itself to a supervisor. In the video below there's minute to minute comparison of what white officer Brian Encinia said happened versus what the dash cam recorded happening.

This side by side comparison of the dash cam video and the audio of Encinia's call to his supervisor clearly shows that Encinia knew he had no right to arrest Bland.  If Sandra Bland's behavior had been justification to arrest her on its own, he wouldn't have had to lie about about her behavior.

It's not like he remembered things incorrectly. He told this lie immediately following the arrest. Then he lied on his arrest affidavit too.

Encinia's Incomplete and/or False Arrest Affidavit Of Sandra Bland

Read A Clearer Version Of Brian T Encinia's Arrest Report Here.

 1) Officer Brian Encinia ought to lose his job for the lying all by itself.

2) Officer Brian Encinia ought to lose his second amendment rights forever -making him unable to be a cop again

3) Even if the suicide ruling sticks, an unintentional death in the commission of a crime makes that death your fault as I understand it. For example, if you are robbing a grocery store and somebody has a heart attack, you can be charged with that death. If the recent Supreme Court Ruling (
Rodriguez v. United States ) means anything at all, then it ought to mean he broker the law. Lying in an affidavit may not be a "criminal" offense per se but false arrest should be. 

"Rodriguez v. United States held that police could not extend the length of a routine traffic stop, even for just a few minutes, absent a safety related concern or reasonable suspicion to believe that the driver may have committed an additional crime. As Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg explained in the opinion of the Court, “[t]he tolerable duration of police inquiries in the traffic-stop context is determined by the seizure’s ‘mission’ — to address the traffic violation that warranted the stop, and attend to related safety concerns.” A police stop “may ‘last no longer than is necessary to effectuate th[at] purpose.’ Authority for the seizure thus ends when tasks tied to the traffic infraction are — or reasonably should have been — completed.” 
By the time Encinia asks Bland to put out her cigarette, the “mission” of his encounter with Bland is almost at completion. He has already written the citation and brought it to Bland. 


You don't get to use your power as a police officer to abuse people because they aren't bowing and scraping like a good n-word should. He abused his authority. He only had the right to go further if there was a safety issue---just as he lied about in his report.  There wasn't more than a second between the time she asked why she should put out the cigarette and his demand that she get out of the car. A second isn't long enough to feel threatened, not even for a coward like him.

That demand, disguised as a request,  to put out the cigarette was a set up to arrest her.

And yes, I call it assault up until the moment he told her (after she asked) that he was arresting her. He assaulted her before the word "arrest" came up.  

I wouldn't be surprised if they put her in Cell 95, where the cell's phone didn't work, on purpose.

Encinia has done a lot more to deserve jail time than Sandra Bland ever did. 

* * * * * * * *
Compare the truth of the dash cam video to Encinia's words for yourself. The video breaks it down so that it's very easy to hear the Encinia's lies. 

There are dozens of videos of showing white people doing exactly what Encinia lied about. Watch the white cop's reaction to a white man's crazy reaction to a speeding ticket. 

In Honor Of Sandra Bland's Funeral Today

I read that her mother requested an image with a candle and hashtags on social media today, in honor of her daughter, Sandra Bland.

Sandra Bland was a black woman, an activist, and seemed to be a profoundly empathetic human being. She was only 28 years old. She is dead due police brutality, a man in uniform abusing his authority under colors on the streets of Waller, Texas.

We cannot let her death be in vain. 

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In the video link below, there's an interview of a witness who was in jail with Sandra Bland. It sounds like Sandra was every bit as terrified as I would have been. Every bit. Crying so hard she couldn't be understood.  

The initial shock of being in jail for the first time aside, there are too many racists and too many lies all together in one place for me to believe she killed herself. And I don't really do coincidences. Therefore, I think they killed her.

At the same time, I kind of resent the strong black woman trope being trotted out to "defend" the "Black Queen" Sandra  -- as if we'd be ashamed of her if she broke down, like she wouldn't be truly black anymore if she simply couldn't take it for three days.  More than that, it makes me damn angry to think most black women cannot confide in anyone or depend on anybody when they cannot carry the load we are forced to bear in this county--- not one more day.  If a black woman confesses that she is breaking down there is a solid chance that her "sisters" and "brothers" will count her as weak and not deserving of their skin color.

And if you think it's damn near impossible for a black woman to commit suicide, then you are the one your black female friends cannot depend on.  

Read More On Black Women And The Expectations of Invulnerability - To suggest that Sandra Bland was not the type of person to commit suicide results not only in the absolving of any accountability/responsibility police have in leading people to committing suicide, but can also lead to a really victim blaming narrative of ‘she did it to herself”. An empire of white supremacy and police terror predicated upon anti-black racism killed Sandra Bland. Being a black woman in the United States who is living through inherited and embodied instances of state-induced trauma for lifetimes is what killed Sandra Bland. The carefully calculated last moments of Sandra Bland’s life of getting pulled over for a minor traffic violation on her way to work, being brutalized by law enforcement officers, and subsequently seized and held in captivity for being a Black woman is what killed Sandra Bland. THE STATE DID THIS TO HER. Whether she committed suicide or not THEY ARE RESPONSIBLE.

But I digress.

Alexandra Pyle
In The Cell Next Door, Could Only Speak to Sandra Through A Hole

This white woman's conclusions in the video aren't that important. She was there with Sandra. She was physically closest. She talked to her last or close to last. But Alexandra Pyle's credibility is low because it's obvious that she simply cannot imagine a person murdering another person due to their skin color. She cannot imagine that the same guards kind to her could kill Sandra because Sandra was black and "didn't know her place." There are black people that can't imagine this. But most of us? We know our own history and white people's history with us too.

And we know our history with white people better than white people do. We don't have to put on rose colored glasses to look on our own history to avoid shame. Most of us, can look at our history and our history with white people in this country head on. Therefore we know different than Alexandra Pyle. We know perfectly damn well "the nice guards" are capable of murder. They always have been when a black person "doesn't know their place"  -- and especially in the South, still home to that American Swastika flag.

Most important to me is that this is the second or third time I've heard reference to Sandra being in "the tank" as if she was completely alone. 

This sounds like a type of "solitary confinement"  And solitary confinement has been described as a type of mental torture more than once. 

It breaks my heart to think that Sandra Bland was cut off from all human contact for most of 3 days, except for that small rectangular hole that's usually shut, all because of Driving While Black stop and a refusal to put out a cigarette when asked.

And don't get it twisted.

Sandra Bland was "asked" not ordered to put out her cigarette in her own car. She was "asked to put out cigarette" and the white cop even added "if you don't mind" as he set himself up to arrest her as planned....for being an uppity n*gger.



Two friends decide to combine their efforts at finding love online. They exchange faces on one of their online dating profiles just to see what happens.

As you can probably guess,  it's not long before things start getting complicated.

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Ava DuVernay Advice On How To Get Ahead in Hollywood: Follow The White Guys.

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"They've got this thing wired....Too often, we live within their games, so why would you not study what works? Take away the bad stuff — because there’s a lot — and use the savvy interesting stuff and figure out how they can apply...

The Selma helmer continued to the ballroom of female bloggers, "Women have been trained in our culture and society to ask for what we want instead of taking what we want. 
We've been really indoctrinated with this culture of permission. I think it’s true for women, and I think it’s true for people of color. It’s historic, and it’s unfortunate and has somehow become part of our DNA. But that time has passed.


Dorothy Gaines
Piper Kerman, creator of OITNB was in jail with her.
In 1994, Dorothy Gaines was a nurse technician and PTA parent raising her younger sister and brother and three children alone in Mobile, Alabama after the death of her husband. Local drug dealers, desperate to reduce their own sentences, named her as an accomplice in their sale of crack cocaine. Their self-contradictory testimony was the only evidence against her, yet her court-appointed lawyer failed to cross-examine them or raise a defense. She was found guilty of conspiracy to distribute crack cocaine. Her 9-year-old son Phillip jumped in the judge's lap at sentencing and begged the judge not to take away his mother

I understand why the central character of Orange Is The New Black had be white and take up 90% of the screen time. The woman that wrote the main character was writing about herself. And, let's face it, the predominantly white audience is predominantly sympathetic to white characters. 

And a white sympathetic character becoming compassionate toward black people, less well off is a well worn method of making the white character more and more saint like and, gradually, make the white audience believe in their own colorblindness through her.

But the thing I  don't quite understand is the decision to make the crimes of the women in OITNB bigger  (international drug boss, child trafficking, casual stranger murder) when we know that most women --and a lot of men too-- are in prison for penny-anty stupid, stuff like drug quantities that weight about as much as a bar of soap just as the article below describes.

Overall, the article below gives a pretty decent overview of which women are in prison for what.

For example, I already knew that 90% of women in jail for killing their partners were abused by those partners. However, I did not know just how large a percentage of women are in jail were sexually abused as children.

While I had noticed that many of the unarmed, black women killed by police were mentally ill, I hadn't extrapolated that to mean that a large percentage of female prisoners are mentally ill.

Actually, I guess the thing
that I really didn't understand is that prison is where the mentally ill are being warehoused now. But I should have. I watched Ronald Wilson Reagan, Mr. 666 himself, make it happen.

I personally noticed in the world around me (then later I read) that the largely mentally-ill, homeless population tripled in the United States during Ronald Reagan's regime. And if the homeless population did indeed triple, it was because one of the ways Reagan "improved the economy" in the 1980s **for haves on the backs of the have-nots.**  According to the articles I read, he removed  federal funding from state run mental hospitals.  

a result of  Reagan era "de-institutionalization", the mentally ill poured out into the streets and then there was this new thing called "the homeless."

I'm not sure what "the homeless" were called before the 1980s. There were a lot fewer of them, I do know that. You weren't seeing them absolutely everywhere. I don't think they had a collective name that everybody used. I think I only saw "the homeless" in children's books. Were they called "hobos?" I honestly can't remember.

In any case, now I know the ones that couldn't make it as "the homeless" wound up as "the jailed" -- if they didn't simply freeze to death huddled under some bridge when they, in their confusion, refused to go to a shelter. I read about that happening more than once in the northeast of this country.

While I don't like the fact that OITNB is whiter than it probably needs to be, even if keeping a white audience's attention is the goal, I really don't like the fact that it is less educational and less inspiring of compassion and empathy than it needs to be.

People like Natasha McKenna would be alive now if Ronald Wilson Reagan hadn't balanced the economy of the backs of the mentally ill. She'd have been in a mental hospital with doctors and nurses instead of an armed guard too stupid to do anything but taser her to death when she became upset, an effect of her schizophrenia.

Orange Is The New Black could be shedding more light on stories like McKenna's if the writers won't so dedicated to making jail look like the what the average American imagines it should look like, a place where international drug dealers, people peddlers, and murderers either get just a little bit more than they deserve. Not too much more. I mean, you don't want to make your audience too terribly uncomfortable about who winds up in America's prisons.

OINTB could be pushing the envelope and educating people a lot more than it is, and keep the laughs. But you have to be willing to see ordinary people who die for nothing as worth standing up for. 

Read More:

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Think you can't "get" poetry?

Think again

You'll "get" this

Don't Miss Crystal Valentine's Black Privilege

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FIRST: A Recap on Sandra Bland's Death

1) Family Has Ordered An Independent Autopsy

2) Sandra Bland had already started arranging her bail when she died

3) Sandra was a nuanced person. Therefore in a video posted to social media, Bland appears to have made some statements about black people, including herself, suffering from depression and PTSD.  She said white people go through these things too. She also makes statements in the same video that she is strong and anchored in God.

You cannot tell if a person is capable of suicide by looking at them. You can't. And Sandra seemed to clear on this herself, if you read between the lines. However, Sandra herself doesn't sound suicidal in the least. Besides, suicide is especially abhorrent to many religious people. More importantly, what's reportedly on the dash cam video sounds suspicious. We won't see this dash cam video for a minute or two yet, but it sounds like she was walked out of camera range on purpose.

Therefore, this should be investigated as a murder. 

I am particularly interested in a possible head injury as Bland stated, on the cell phone video, that she couldn't hear as a result of the beating. In my mind, it's possible that the trash bag was tied around her neck after she was dead of the head injury in order to provide a plausible reason for her death that would NOT be the police officer's fault.  The attempt to use Sandra's own philosophical words to paint her as suicidal has me thinking that her murderer might have done the same thing -- started thinking about how to use Sandra's own video to frame her for her own murder. 

 - - - - - - -

Before, the dashcam video was released there was a walk through of what's on the dash cam video by someone who has seen it.  Not surprisingly, it's been reported that the police officer may have pulled a taser before walking Sandra Bland out of the range of the camera. 

Remember as you watch the dash cam video in the link below, that Sandra Bland is dead over a signal problem when changing lanes.

"The lawyer representing Bland’s family said the stop for a routine traffic violation became confrontational when Bland was asked to put out her cigarette. The lawyer, Cannon Lambert, told NBC News that the state trooper “looked to force her to get out of the car by way of opening the door and started demanding that she do.” "



Joseph C. Phillips: ‘Cosby Show’ Co-Star Says ‘Of Course Bill Cosby Is Guilty’

In the article below, Joseph C Phillips talks about his man-crush on Cosby and his ultra-slow realization that Bill  Cosby is a rapist.

I'm glad he's seen the light. But I'm not surprised it took him so long. I used to be a huge fan of Phillips. Truth be told, I used to have a major crush on this man. I can't tell you how happy I was to see him show up as Lisa Bonet's husband on "The Cosby Show" after the movie "Strictly Business"

Then, reality ruined everything.

A few years after "The Cosby Show" went off the air, I read a few sections of an autobiographical book that Phillips wrote while waiting around inside a local bookstore.

At the time of the reading, I might have been in denial that I am a feminist, likely identifying with the ideals without saying ever saying f-word out loud about myself.  (Pssst! There are strong and persistent forces in the black community that say feminism is white and joining it, traitorous.)

So, like Toni Morrison, I didn't want to belong to anything that alienates black women, whether those black women be knowledgeable or un-knowledgeable in general. But I eventually had to back track on that. I don't like making up my mind about faith, theories, principles, or ideals based on who else believes in them. A faith, theory, principle or ideal should live or die inside my soul based on it's own merits.

You do you. I'll do me.  These words shall be forever engraved on the inside of my skull

The thing that crushed the crush and freed me from my crush was Phillips appearing to feel sorry for himself  because he was unable to be fully happy about a new high point in his career --possibly the success of the movie "Strictly Business"--  because he did not feel able to choose a woman with which to go to an awards ceremony. Via a carefully word paragraph or two, he clearly communicated that if he had chosen one woman to go with him the revolving door to his bedroom would have stopped spinning.

Translation: There were at least two women who thought they are the only woman in my life or close to becoming the only woman in life. Their possessiveness (not my lies) ruined things for me. Deception in romantic relationships is normal.

Then, he went on to describe what ladylike behavior should be like now that he's raising his daughters. The statement that was absolutely the last straw for me was when he said something like 'Women shouldn't be so _______ (<---insert angry black woman synonym here) when they can get whatever they want by just smiling a certain way.'

Translation: Patriarchy is my best friend.

I closed his book on that statement.  I probably re-embraced the f-word that same day or the next.

So, it's no surprise to me that Phillips took so long to decide about Cosby, even though Phillips comes right and says in this interview that he knew his idol has been lying, "cheating," and scheming on his "Queen" Camille for years. Phillips even said it was "common knowledge" during the filming of "The Cosby Show" that Cosby routinely cheated on Camille.

His idol the cheat. 

Okay.  I too live in a glass house and  know not to throw stones. I do.  And cheating is not rape. However, you can silently withdraw your worship of a cheat and a liar for the sake of cheating and lying, can't you?  More than that, how does a black man hold another black man in high esteem as an upstanding "race man," as an uplifter of the race, when that black man is dogging a black woman (whether she tacitly agrees to the lying and cheating or not.)

How did an *idol worship,* that should have been flimsy or non-existent, stand in the way of accepting layer after layer after layer of truth as testified to by more than 3 dozen women, some of them black. 

Joseph C Phillips says that the spell that was his idol worship of Cosby wasn't completely broken until a woman that he knows, who also knows Cosby, told him of her own rape by Bill Cosby. Phillips said that the woman ended her story with "Do you believe me?"

I had to wonder if I would have believed her IF it had been JUST her, alone, making the accusation, back in the 1990s? I'm not sure he would have. I'm not sure I would have. All indications are I might not have.

I think I had a chance to believe Cosby was a rapist and didn't. I heard about the rape accusations prior to Hannible Burress's stand up routine going viral.  I can't trust a ten-plus year old memory, but I swore that I read an accusation that involved Camille Cosby walking in and walking out when Bill Cosby was seducing(?)/raping a short-haired, black woman some years back. I think the woman made claims about spiked tea. It was only in the main stream news for a minute. And, I can't quite remember because I didn't believe her. I didn't want to believe her. I pushed her accusations out of my head and now I can't get them back.

And I must have decided not to pay attention to the Andrea Constand case. I do remember the case. I just didn't follow it. I didn't want to know.

So we're all guilty of the same heinous things, I guess. We want to hold onto our heroes.  But the thing that's different about stars like Phillips is that they knew Bill Cosby was not Cliff Huxtable. They knew that Cosby was dogging at least one black woman, Camille. And they knew it for multiple decades.

Months before we heard Cosby's own words in a deposition, Phylicia Rashad gave one of the most reluctant defenses of a co-worker and friend that I have ever heard. Ever. If I hadn't been sure Cosby was guilty before her defense of him, I certainly would have been afterward.

In some ways, I feel sorry for those who owe Cosby so much.  But I don't understand how some, who weren't children during the filming of "The Cosby Show," stood by Bill Cosby for so long when they knew about the gap between his public persona and his real identity.  

As for the rest of us?

I understand how some of us came to be stuck on stupid. I understand our being dedicated to Cliff Huxtable, our favorite reincarnation of the Jello Pudding man, the actor and television show creator that broke the cycle of  black families being shown as one thing, over and over and over again on television and in the movies, in-the-hood and struggling.

I understand. I get that. I felt that. I felt the loss of the fictional Cliff Huxtable too.

But at the end of last year, after 24 women came forward, the fictional Cliff Huxtable was still more important than our real sisters.  After 40 women came forward by mid 2015, some people still believed in Cliff Huxtable over real women, some of them black women. Some people didn't believe raped women until they read Bill Cosby's own words.

What does that say about what women are worth in this society?

I know that I've been taught to ignore women and especially black women my entire life if a black man's reputation is at stake. If they get as bold as R. Kelly, I don't have a problem breaking away from my training.  But with people like Cosby, apparently, I'm still a little slow.  But not as slow as Phillips. And I don't think Phylicia Rashad was slow at all. I think she knew

I think Rashad had to have known in the back of her mind, as reluctant as her defense of Bill Cosby was.  The way I saw her back -to-back interviews, Rashad refused to completely abandon black women, no matter what side her bread was buttered on. But in the end she covered her own hiney.  Yet, I must admit that I do not envy her. I don't. I hope I'd have done better. But I'm not sure I would have. It has to be hard as h*ll to bite the hand the fed you no matter what kind of monster that hand turned out to be attached to in the end.

Situations like this are the reason I try to continue to study and learn from other womanists and feminists.

In the white community Jerry Sandusky was allowed to rape children because white men thought football was more important than the children. In the black community, Bill Cosby was allowed to rape women because things like the legacy of the Cosby show was deemed more important than women, including black women.

We have to get better at ejecting the wolves from our midsts.  The womanists, feminists, and their allies are likely going to have to take the lead. I don't see the protectors of the Chris Browns, Ray Rices, and die hardest of the Bill Cosby defenders stepping up to the plate any time soon.

Do you?

Joseph C Phillips, of "The Cosby Show" talks about running into an old female friend that was mentored by Bill Cosby.

Monday, July 20, 2015

The Difference Between "Hispanic" and "Latino"/"Latina"

A two minute video is below, since I can't be the only one that was confused.

 The Puerto Ricans and Cuban's I've known on the east coast have resentfully used the term "Hispanic" And even that was only really used when referring to the "Hispanic" voting block that really isn't one since Cubans, Puerto Ricans, and Mexicans etc. are very different and vote differently.  Mexicans that I've known since being on the West Coast seem to embrace "Latino" or "Latina" and use that ethnicity(?) identifier almost exclusively.

My confusion was likely complicated by the fact that the mother of a Puerto Rican friend of mine growing up is from Spain. Hence, that family's particular lack of a problem using the term "Hispanic."

So I'm getting the impression that  among "the woke" of all these different spanish speaking people --who are not from Spain-- that *Latinx* is the way to go. I'm also getting the impression that claiming Spanish ancestry among Latinx people is about as popular as claiming white ancestry is among black folk.

Sunday, July 19, 2015


President Obama has been hitting the road hard, talking about reforming our criminal justice system. His heart and ideas are clarified quite well in the speech he gave to the NAACP in mid-July of 2015.

At the end of this similiar speech he answered a reporter question on about Bill Cosby and crimes predominantly(?) important to women.


President Obama clearly had a way out. He clearly had an excuse to not answer the last question, to not talk about Cosby's rape accusations. But he didn't take it. He chose to make his position clear.


Saturday, July 18, 2015


"There were law enforcement violations during the traffic stop of a woman who ultimately was found dead inside a Waller County jail cell. That's according to a preliminary review by the Texas Department of Public Safety.
According to the DPS, authorities spotted violations of the department's procedures and courtesy policy in dash cam video showing a state trooper's interactions with Sandra Bland on July 10 in Prairie View
The deputy involved has been assigned administrative duties pending the outcome of an investigation."

Waller County District Attorney Elton Mathis said at a Friday afternoon press conference that Bland’s body was not discovered for up to 90 minutes. Under the commission’s guidelines, every inmate should be checked on hourly.... 
Mathis said he will take the case to a grand jury. The earliest that could happen, he said, would be in August.

Protests will continue:  “We believe she would have been here for us,” said the Rev. Hannah Bonner, “so we’re going to be here for her.”


Preview in this link:   

Dear white people in the fashion world...

African model Nykhor Paul blasts white makeup artists for neglecting black beauty

Dear white people in the fashion world! 

Please don't take this the wrong way but it's time you people get your shit right when it comes to our complexion!

Why do I have to bring my own makeup to a professional show when all the other white girls don't have to do anything but show up wtf! Don't try to make me feel bad because I am blue black its 2015 go to Mac, Bobbi Brown, Makeup forever, Iman cosmetic, black opal, even LancĂ´me and Clinique carried them plus so much more. there's so much options our there for dark skin tones today.

A good makeup artist would come prepare and do there research before coming to work because often time you know what to expect especially at a show! Stop apologizing it's insulting and disrespectful to me and my race it doesn't help, seriously! Make an effort at least!

That goes for NYC, London, Milan, Paris and Cape Town plus everywhere else that have issues with black skin tones. Just because you only book a few of us doesn't mean you have the right to make us look ratchet. I'm tired of complaining about not getting book[ed] as a black model and I'm definitely super tired of apologizing for my blackness!!!!

Fashion is art, art is never racist it should be inclusive of all not only white people, shit we started fashion in Africa and you modernize and copy it! Why can't we be part of fashion fully and equally?

 * * * * * *
I had no idea. It is 2015. But, she has bigger problems than the make-up artists. Apparently, this issue is so-much-nothing to the people that employ her that she can't even complain to the modeling agency itself or the people running a particular show. 

The basics of professionalism don't matter the person complaining is black?

 If a make-up artist failed to show up with ENOUGH SHADES of pale pink lipstick he or she probably wouldn't get another gig.

I just read another story where Tyra Banks said it's an unwritten rule that there can only be one black supermodels out of 10 supermodels at any given moment. So I imagine that down in the trenches, long before the supermodel status, there is an entire 10% of non-pale females, that make artists just don't bother to bring make-up for?
I haven't read a fashion magazine in approximately a jupiter century.  Are the magazines whiter than 90% white? Just glancing at a magazine, standing on line at the grocery store, I know it's less than 10%. But even if the percentage of non-white models is 5%, how can you show up for work and be unprepared 1 out of 20 times consistently --and still have a job?

Where can I get a job and just not bother to do it right 1 in 20 times and still get paid? Do you have to be white to qualify for jobs like that?