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A few days ago, Melissa Harris-Perry blew the lid off her dispute with MSNBC and exposed the racial aspect of it. 

So many black people in the same situation have done what they were told or have gone away quietly so they can get a job elsewhere. There have been dozens if not hundreds of stories like this from black people over the decades. However, usually you don't hear this kind of story from a black person until it is 20 or 30 years in their rear view mirror  

But Harris-Perry stood up and said "NO!" in the  HERE AND NOW. And her letter (in the post) makes it clear she is not about about to be token-ized. I hope you read it and post it everywhere you can.

Today, we're hearing that MSNBC has decided to respond by getting rid of Harris-Perry.

MSNBC has parted ways with host Melissa Harris-Perry after she complained about preemptions of her weekend program and implied that there was a racial aspect to the cable-news network’s treatment, insiders at MSNBC said....

All of the changes carry a potential perception risk that MSNBC — known as the most liberal among the three leading cable-news networks — is diminishing the contributions of its minority personalities, network officials acknowledge. In addition to the issues with Harris-Perry and Diaz-Balart, the network’s new emphasis on news during the day has led to the demotion of two African American hosts: the Rev. Al Sharpton and Joy Reid, both of whom have been moved from daily shows to lower-profile weekend slots. (Reid assumed Harris-Perry’s hosting duties on Saturday.)
~Washington Post

Back in 2007, I noticed that a bunch of black and brown news anchors and info-tainment  people suddenly moving into the spotlight just as it began to look like President Obama was going to win in 2007 and become our first black president.

And now, as our first black president leaves office, people of color are disappearing from the "liberal" MSNBC.  Things that make you go hmmm?

Coincidence?  I don't know. What I do know is this: I'm not here for MSNBC anymore. A lot of black people are deciding they aren't here for MSNBC anymore.


Maybe MSNBC can hire some Trump worshipers to host a couple of shows and get the KKK demographic.

If Bernie wants to pick up the minority vote, I suggest he not try to get it by doing interviews at MSNBC because a lot of folk are saying they are going to start giving MSNBC the FOX treatment -- stop watching it altogether except to keep an eye on what the enemy is doing. 

As black people we can't always put our individual ambitions first. So, I am grateful that Melissa Harris-Perry made an honest exit from MSNBC, that she let us know what was going on as she was leaving so that we can leave with her. Regardless of what comes next, remember that she did not let MSNBC skate. Regardless of what comes next we got to see that what happened to Melissa was part of MSNBC's pattern Regardless of what comes next, I think Melissa has made a sacrifice that going to count for the sisters that comes up behind her.

I'm done with MSNBC. I hope you are too.


A black woman who was arrested at a hospital over the summer for failing to pay court fines died the next day because she was deprived of water at the Charleston County jail, her family’s attorneys said Wednesday.

A black woman who was arrested at a hospital over the summer for failing to pay court fines...died because she was deprived of water
A black woman who was arrested at a hospital...died.....was deprived of water 

A black woman...died...deprived of water

EVERYDAY POLICE BRUTALITY for BLACK PEOPLE: Joyce Curnell was in a hospital for court costs -- not for robbery, not for kidnapping, not for murder. The police went to get her in a hospital due to unpaid court costs. Then they didn't tend to her as if she was ill....when they went to get her in a hospital


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JUST IN TIME FOR #OscarsSoWhite 

A trailer for Steven Spielberg's Obama starring Daniel Day Lewis and Tracy Morgan.
Posted by Consequence of Sound on Saturday, February 27, 2016


In the 1990s a white rock group was filmed while performing live before a white audience using a number of racial epithets to describe black and brown people. The white audience loved it judging by the chuckling heard on the audio.

The leader of this rock band, Puns and Poses, never defended his group or his impromptu lyrics by making the following statement:
"If you're a n*gg*r, you're probably not going to like us," he says. "If you're a coon, you probably don't like us. If you're not a coon or a n*gg*r, don't be jumping to the defense of these despicable black males. Just like I shouldn't be jumping to the defense of no punks or no cowards or no slimy sons of jackasses that are white men. I never understood why an upstanding black man would even think we're talking about him."

But ICE CUBE of N.W.A and STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON fame did make this statement to defend N.W.A. their treatment of black women in their music:

Cube laughs off N.W.A's lyrical treatment of women (which, to be fair, got way worse after he left the group).
"If you're a b*tch, you're probably not going to like us," he says. "If you're a ho, you probably don't like us. If you're not a ho or a b*tch, don't be jumping to the defense of these despicable females. Just like I shouldn't be jumping to the defense of no punks or no cowards or no slimy son of a b*tches that's men. I never understood why an upstanding lady would even think we're talking about her."

Rancid Pose, the leader of my mythical white rock band, and Ice Cube likely have a lot in common. They both probably think that most black men and most black women, respectively, are trash. And both probably think that there are exceptional black people that fall into the categories of “a credit to their race” or “a credit to their gender,” respectively.

Rancid Rose and Ice Cube ought to take the time to realize that they are mirror reflections of one another. In fact, a lot of patriarchy, sexism spewing black men should at just how close to white racists they are in thought pattern.
just counting "b*ches" here, not the "hos"

The black man in the video below says that N.W.A. took “b*tch” and it acceptable to call black women almost all by themselves and that black women took it up too. I don’t know if that’s true that N.W.A. started that mess, but they most certainly made it worse. N.W.A. called black women “b*tches" 208 times by his count.

And just like white people, N.W.A. has behavior that corresponds to what comes out of their mouths.

That is, most black and brown people know that where ever a large number of white people who are comfortable yelling the n-word out in public among their peers, you know that you that you have time traveled to a place where you can be beaten or killed for just looking at a white person in the wrong way.

And the same holds true for “b*tch" and "ho” yelling, singing, rapping black men in regards to black women.

At least one of the black men of N.W.A. beat black women regularly. Dre's violence and domestic violence never ended in the death of a black woman. But the black men who listen to this mess have done a number on themselves, as a friend of a friend said. N.W.A projected out into the atmosphere a despising of black women that, at least partially, justified the beating of women

What's Missing From Straight Outta Compton: 
Me And The Other Women Dr Dre Beat Up

Rabid white racists and rabid black sexists/black misogynists are cut from very similar cloth. But the thing that’s very different for white racists as opposed to black misogynists, is that white racists do not have praise and defense coming from their victims. Black misogynists like N.W.A., by comparison, have a huge following among their black female victims. N.W.A's lyrical victims have been brainwashed, based on white racism, into putting racial solidarity above everything, even self-respect and self-preservation. 

In my mind, THE OTHER THING THAT N.W.A. has done is help normalize the notion that anti-black racism 
is all about black men and nobody else. 

How else do you explain that your ordinary black male husbands, black friends, and black male neighbors (and half of their friends, wives, and lovers) can listen to "b*tches" and "hos,"
 the tearing down of black women 
over and over again,
 yet STILL think N.W.A. "uplifts the race?"

When white people don't notice that they are lifting themselves up by standing on black backs in a given situation (such as creating the so-called "black on black crime"statistic out of the thinnest pretense)  we call that racism, and we call it despicable. We understand that the words white people use to lift white people and only white people up have consequences.

So how is it so many in the black community don’t understand that words have consequences when they are used by black men to pound black women into dirt?

* * * * *

I really need some of us to start understanding that 
the serial killer called "The Grim Sleeper" was only able to kill dozens, if not hundreds, ofblack women because they had been tramp stamped first and mentally dumped by the black community 
as "despicable females." 

White racism had a lot to do with why police didn't really look for "The Grim Sleeper" for decades. But misgynoir had a bigger part in why most of that black community wasn’t even looking for the serial killer in their midst.

 For decades only a few black women reached out to the mothers of the dead and tried to hunt for Lonnie Franklin. This black women's group hunted a black serial killer sans any help because drug addicted women on the street,  Franklin's "b*tches" and "hos" victims, don't matter like black men with police records do (Freddie Gray, Eric Garner)  

I've tried to imagine a black women's musical group that talked about the worthlessness of these n*ggers all the time with half to most of black people being okay with it. But I can't really do it

I've tried to imagine a black woman lead singer saying when interviewed,  "Not all men. You know which ones we mean" just like Ice Cube did in regards to black women. I've tried to imagine a black world where this is possible. I just can't do it.

I've tried to imagine a black world where half the black men would say "Yeah, it's bad that they're calling us n*ggers but look how much good they've done in regards to...." as a lot of black women have done when defending N.W.A. It's impossible for me to even try to visualize it. It is an unreality that will not form in my head.

So right now, I'm trying to imagine a day where people hear N.W.A mentioned and wrinkle up their noses like they stepped in something foul and change the subject. Apparently, I want this bad enough that I can imagine it 

So yes, #OscarsSoWhite the sequel is bad. There's no doubt about this. But at least the movie “Straight Outta Compton” didn’t win an Oscar. That is fantastic news as far as black women are concerned, whether most of us understand that or not. May everybody associated with it disappear into oblivion where they belong.

Opinion video on how N.W.A 
normalized "b*tch" in the black community


Exactly How "Black" Are Black Americans?

* According to, the average African American is 65 percent sub-Saharan African, 29 percent European and 2 percent Native American.

According to, the average African American is 75 percent sub-Saharan African, 22 percent European and only 0.6 percent Native American. 

* According to Family Tree, the average African American is 72.95 percent sub-Saharan African, 22.83 percent European and 1.7 percent Native American.

* According to National Geographic's Genographic Project, the average African American is 80 percent sub-Saharan African, 19 percent European and 1 percent Native American.

* According to AfricanDNA, in which I am a partner with Family Tree DNA, the average African American is 79 percent sub-Saharan African, 19 percent European and 2 percent Native American.
 [The numbers above describe "admixture" And] what exactly is admixture?

I asked a few prominent geneticists to define it for this article. Dr. George Church, a professor at the Harvard Medical School and a pioneer in the mapping of the human genome, defines it this way: 

"Genetic admixture is the breeding between two or more previously isolated populations." 

[The second  thing] these findings show that the common claim that many African Americans make about their high percentage of Native American ancestry is a myth. Joanna Mountain broke down to me our low amounts of Native American ancestry in this way: "Eighty percent of African Americans have  less than 1 percent Native American ancestry. 

* * * * *
You can't throw a stick in a room full of black people hit somebody that does NOT claim to have a Cherokee or two in their blood line. So that last quote is surprising.

But I have a theory.

I think it was easier for black slave women to say to their light-skinned children, "Your Daddy was an Native American that was killed" than it was to say "Your Daddy is a white rapist that lives in the big house and will kill you or sell you if you say it out loud to anybody, ever." How is small child supposed to remember not to say anything. And "Who is my Daddy" is not a question that goes away.  I think a bunch of us were lied to about Great Great Aunt Sophie that was a full Cherokee with hair length down to the back of her knees. 

Read More



Marquintan Sandlin and Kisha Michael made arrangements for someone to watch their kids and went out on a date. After the date, in the wee hours of the morning, they fall asleep or pass out in the car with a gun between them(?) The police spent 45 minutes trying to wake the couple up. Then military grade weapons were fired into or at the car by police, killing them both.

The mayor says one or both of them must have been awake at some point because somebody (one or more of the cops) felt threatened.

This above is an outline of the police version of this story. Does this even come close to making sense to you?

"For at least 45 minutes, police attempted "to rouse" them in an effort "to de-escalate the situation," said Butts. It is the first public explanation for what transpired early Sunday morning during the time between the initial call and the shooting.
Police previously had stated responding officers saw the woman had a gun, retreated to behind cover, and then gave orders for the couple to exit the vehicle." 
So THIS VERSION of events is story #2. Got it. * * * * * STORY #1
Officers said they received a call early Sunday morning of a suspicious vehicle stopped near Manchester Boulevard and Inglewood Avenue. When they approached the car, they noticed the woman in the car had a gun and ordered her and a male occupant out of the vehicle, said Scott Collins, a spokesman for the Inglewood Police Department.
 Officers then took cover and opened fire, killing both people. 
But Kisha's never owned a gun according to her twin sister. Read More:

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[At an audition] America Ferrera received a note that there was already a Latino actor cast in the film, and thus her chances were slim to none. So she decided to take a stand.
"I defiantly bleached my hair blond, painted my face white and made the audition tape," Ferrera said. She didn't get the part. "Let me tell you: Blond does not suit me. I try not to prove my point on audition tapes anymore."
Ferrera described the situation as feeling "powerless" — that what was keeping her from getting this role was totally out of her control. "What do you do when someone says, 'Your color skin is not what we're looking for'?" she told the Times.
It has always amazed me at how the slightest tinge of color in your skin can make you "not white" It's amazing. 

Black Actresses Left Ladder /  Cosby Actresses Far Right LadderFew Exceptions to the Darker Means Less Work/Less Money Rule
And the further you get from "not white" the more your chances decrease as far as getting roles. Prior to Shonda Rhimes, Mara Brock Akil and other black people going to work BEHIND THE CAMERA and influencing actress choices, you could see which black women were having "an easier time" in Hollywood based on their skin shade.  In fact, with black actresses, you can actually put them in order by skin shade and you will simultaneously be putting them in order by their net worth.

Racism in Hollywood isn't all about skin color though. America Ferrera is fairly pale. Some of her exclusion is due to non-white facial features too. And her last name announces she's not likely not-white before she shows up to audition probably isn't helping her either. Her last name may increase her "foreign" look once she stands before those with weak minds --unless a Latina is truly pale enough to pass ala Cameron Diaz.

 Asians whose features look more white have an "easier time" in Hollywood too. That's why Julie Chen had surgery to make her appearance less Asian. And it worked. She got more work and she's famous now. 
Liberal Hollywood has a long way to go on the anti-racism front. OscarsSoWhite the 2016 sequel  is just the part of the iceberg that's riding above the crest of the waves. 


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Wells was in working on a story in Natchez, Mississippi, when word reached her that her friend Tom Moss, the father of her goddaughter, had been lynched.
Until that time, Wells, like most other people, [believed] that there were usually two reasons why a black man was lynched — because he had raped a white woman or killed a white man. Moss's only crime, however, was successfully competing with a white grocer, and for this he and his partners were murdered. Wells then came to the realization that lynchings were not being used to weed out criminals but to enforce white supremacy.

So, in a series of scathing editorials in Free Speech, she urged African Americans to boycott Memphis's new streetcar line and move out west if possible [to a place she wound up investigating on their behalf: Oklahoma]

African Americans heeded Wells's pleas and began leaving Memphis by the hundreds. Two pastors of large black churches took their entire congregations to Oklahoma, and others soon followed. Those who stayed behind boycotted white businesses, creating financial hardships for commercial establishments as well as for the public transportation system. The city's papers attempted to dissuade blacks from leaving by reporting on the hostile American Indians and dangerous diseases awaiting them out west. To counter their claims, Wells spent three weeks traveling in Oklahoma. Upon her return she published a firsthand account of the actual conditions.

Fast becoming a target for angry white men and women, she was advised by friends to ease up on her [anti-lynching] editorials. Instead, Wells decided to carry a pistol.
"[I had] already determined to sell my life as dearly as possible if attacked," she later recalled. "I felt if I could take one lyncher with me, this would even up the score a little bit."

Wells spent two months after the murders of Moss and his partners investigating other lynchings across the South. Traveling from Texas to Virginia, she interviewed both whites and blacks to discern truth from rumor. As Margaret Truman wrote in Women of Courage, "To call this dangerous work is an understatement. Imagine a lone black woman in some small town in Alabama or Mississippi, asking questions that no one wanted to answer about a crime that half the whites in the town had committed." During the course of her investigation, Wells learned that rape was far from being the only crime lodged against victims of lynch mobs. Indeed, men had been lynched for "being saucy." In Mississippi, one victim of a lynch mob was accused of raping a seven-year-old girl. Wells discovered that the real story was that an adult white woman had gone to a black man's cabin of her own accord. The woman's father then led the lynch mob to safeguard his daughter's reputation.

On May 25, 1892, two months after Moss's death, an article appearing in Free Speech stated that "nobody in this section believes the old thread-bare lie that Negro men assault white women. If Southern white men are not careful they will over-reach themselves and a conclusion will be reached which will be very damaging to the moral reputation of their women." Many white citizens of Memphis did not appreciate the implication that some of their women might prefer the company of black men, and the editor of the newspaper declared that the "black wretch who had written that foul lie should be tied to a stake at the corner of Main and Madison Streets, a pair of tailor's shears used on him, and he should then be burned at the stake."

Ida B didn't stop when she got married. And she only paused to give birth to four children. Her husband even sent her to investigate a lynching on his behalf.

Ida B Wells-Barnett was no joke.

Ida B Well-Barnett, post marriage, was a black suffragette that did battle with white suffragettes. And she helped women get the vote in Illinois before all women got the vote in 1920 by Supreme Court Decree.


The Party Of The First Part:
Just can't find a reason to give respect where respect is due when a black woman is involved

The Party Of The Second Part:
Simply refuses to be patronized and tokenized out of existence


"Melissa Harris-Perry Walks Off Her MSNBC Show After Pre-emptions"

Melissa Harris-Perry's Story
On Friday afternoon, media reports emerged about my friend Melissa Harris-Perry’s refusal to host her eponymous weekend program on MSNBC on Saturday. I was one of the original producers on the show when it launched in 2012, leaving for another job in 2015. Dr. Harris-Perry asked me today to publish the note she sent to her staff — most of whom are my former colleagues — informing them of her decision. You can read it in full below.
#nerdland, forever.
Jamil of MTV

Dearest Nerds,
As you know by now, my name appears on the weekend schedule for MSNBC programming from South Carolina this Saturday and Sunday. I appreciate that many of you responded to this development with relief and enthusiasm. To know that you have missed working with me even a fraction of how much I’ve missed working with all of you is deeply moving. However, as of this morning, I do not have any intention of hosting this weekend. Because this is a decision that affects all of you, I wanted to take a moment to explain my reasoning.
Some unknown decision-maker, presumably Andy Lack or Phil Griffin, has added my name to this spreadsheet, but nothing has changed in the posture of the MSNBC leadership team toward me or toward our show. Putting me on air seems to be a decision being made solely to save face because there is a growing chorus of questions from our viewers about my notable absence from MSNBC coverage. Social media has noted the dramatic change in editorial tone and racial composition of MSNBC’s on-air coverage. In addition, Dylan Byers of CNN has made repeated inquiries with MSNBC’s leadership and with me about the show and what appears to be its cancellation. I have not responded to reporters or social media inquiries. However, I am not willing to appear on air in order to quell concerns about the disappearance of our show and our voice.
Here is the reality: our show was taken — without comment or discussion or notice — in the midst of an election season. After four years of building an audience, developing a brand, and developing trust with our viewers, we were effectively and utterly silenced. Now, MSNBC would like me to appear for four inconsequential hours to read news that they deem relevant without returning to our team any of the editorial control and authority that makes MHP Show distinctive.
The purpose of this decision seems to be to provide cover for MSNBC, not to provide voice for MHP Show. I will not be used as a tool for their purposes. I am not a token, mammy, or little brown bobble head. I am not owned by Lack, Griffin, or MSNBC. I love our show. I want it back. I have wept more tears than I can count and I find this deeply painful, but I don’t want back on air at any cost. I am only willing to return when that return happens under certain terms.
Undoubtedly, television nurtures the egos of those of us who find ourselves in front of bright lights and big cameras. I am sure ego is informing my own pain in this moment, but there is a level of professional decency, respect, and communication that has been denied this show for years. And the utter insulting absurdity of the past few weeks exceeds anything I can countenance.
I have stayed in the same hotels where MSNBC has been broadcasting in Iowa, in New Hampshire, and in South Carolina, yet I have been shut out from coverage. I have a PhD in political science and have taught American voting and elections at some of the nation’s top universities for nearly two decades, yet I have been deemed less worthy to weigh in than relative novices and certified liars. I have hosted a weekly program on this network for four years and contributed to election coverage on this network for nearly eight years, but no one on the third floor has even returned an email, called me, or initiated or responded to any communication of any kind from me for nearly a month. It is profoundly hurtful to realize that I work for people who find my considerable expertise and editorial judgment valueless to the coverage they are creating.
While MSNBC may believe that I am worthless, I know better. I know who I am. I know why MHP Show is unique and valuable. I will not sell short myself or this show. I am not hungry for empty airtime. I care only about substantive, meaningful, and autonomous work. When we can do that, I will return — not a moment earlier. I am deeply sorry for the ways that this decision makes life harder for all of you. You mean more to me than you can imagine.
Yours always,Melissa

I know there are two sides to every story. And I only really know one side. But the other side's story in such situations is always the same - mumbled apologetic gobbledy-gook. So I step out in faith saying, " I am damn glad Melissa didn't go down like a punk." And I hope we can rally behind her. But I'm just so glad she didn't just lie down hoping to get a better gig elsewhere, as so many of us have done in the past.

Black people, and white people even more, need to hear about what happens to us on jobs at the hands of people who will usually swear they are "colorblind" and/or "race bias pure"

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Last Monday, twenty-five black models walked for Zac Posen’s Fall 2016 collection at the New York Fashion Week. In an industry where black women are few and far between on the runway, this move caught the attention of many, even making headlines in the New York Times citing fashion week’s ‘shift toward diversity’. Though the response to Posen’s highlighting of black models has largely been positive, there are those who refuse to let black girls rock.

The motivation behind Posen’s NYFW collection was Ugandan Princess Elizabeth Bagaaya Akiiki, or Princess Elizabeth of Toro. Born in 1936, she became the third African woman in history to be accepted to and graduate from Cambridge University. She was also the first female East African to be admitted to the English bar in 1965. Princess Elizabeth of Toro even became a highly successful fashion model in the United States and graced the covers of Vogue and Harpers.

Some folk are used to cultural appropriation.  And they think they are entitled to do it. Zac Posen broke ranks this year. And some of his usual fans aren't exactly throwing rose petals at his feet.

Read More:



In 1996, Hillary reportedly called black people "super predators" and added "We have to bring them to heel"

Black Live Matter Activist Ashley Williams showed the crowd the quote before showing it to Hillary. Watch video below

Black Lives Matter activist interrupts private speech of Hilla...
Courageous Black Lives Matter activist, Ashley Williams, interrupts private $500 per person speech of Hillary Clinton to ask her why she called Black children "super-predators"
Posted by Shaun King on Thursday, February 25, 2016

Not much got done during the confrontation itself. But Ashley ultimately got the job done.

She did what Black Lives Matter is supposed to do. She spotlighted what she wanted to spotlight. Clinton didn't answer her in the moment. But it was crystal clear Clinton remembered making the statement.

The video of the disruption of Clinton's event went viral .The story caught the attention of the mainstream media. Clinton had to answer for herself in papers like "The Washington Post" 

Thursday, February 25, 2016


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Warriors in Victorian Dresses

Many African American women were highly active in the women's suffrage movement.

In the antebellum period, like Anglo women, many black women became active abolitionists and supporters of women’s rights. 
Sojourner Truth, a former slave, became famous as both an abolitionist and an advocate of woman suffrage. In 1851, [before slavery was even over for most blacks,] she made her famous speech, “Ain’t I A Woman,” at a convention in Akron, Ohio. 

Alfre Woodard performs Truth's Speech Here

Other black women suffragists from this time period include Margaretta Forten, Harriet Forten Purvis, Ida B Wells, Mary Church Terrell, Nannie Helen Burroughs and 
Mary Ann Shadd Cary, Fannie Barrier Williams, Anna Julia Cooper

Read More

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"Black girl magic," when used properly, is a way for Black women to celebrate the special sauce we put on just about anything. It's our way of loving each other up while we're going about the business of staying sane, creative, fly and faithful.It's a salve for the thousands of puncture wounds that sloppy, resentful and racist police keep making in our collective skin. It's our way of comforting one another when we lose a job, a partner, a child.
Black girl magic is also convenient shorthand for the following common statements:

"No, you can't shame us with stupid memes that accuse us of tricking Black men with shiny weaves and heavy contouring along our noses."


No, you should never forget we are black and it's not a compliment when you do. And should you forget, one of us will create a video called "Formation" and hurt your widdle feelings more than a little bit.



Regarding Elle Magazine Critic of the Subject?
The black female author at "Elle" was being way too damn literal. She needs to call the surgeon and have her put that sense of humor and appreciation for life back in.


Melissa Harris Perry said, “I like Black Girl Magic, which I just sort of think of as a way of designating the joyous or happy parts of the experience of black womanhood and black girlhood, even in the context of inequality.”


* * * * *

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Patrisse Cullors, Opal Tometi, and Alicia Garza

I created #BlackLivesMatter with Patrisse Cullors and Opal Tometi, two of my sisters, as a call to action for Black people after 17-year-old Trayvon Martin was post-humously placed on trial for his own murder and the killer, George Zimmerman, was not held accountable for the crime he committed. It was a response to the anti-Black racism that permeates our society and also, unfortunately, our movements.
Black Lives Matter is an ideological and political intervention in a world where Black lives are systematically and intentionally targeted for demise.  It is an affirmation of Black folks’ contributions to this society, our humanity, and our resilience in the face of deadly oppression.
We were humbled when cultural workersartistsdesigners and techies offered their labor and love to expand #BlackLivesMatter beyond a social media hashtag...
~by Alicia Garza at


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RE: "Will Smith y su boycott a los Oscars:
A black motion picture superstar complaining about exclusion?

To whom it may concern

I find it troubling that the current complaints about possible discrimination or oversight resulting in fewer, or none non-white nominations for the 2016 Oscars, seem to concentrate only on black performers. Latino performers are BY FAR the most neglected sector of the U.S. film and television industry.

Black participation has always been bigger in those fields and is, as experience shows, assured to exist.

On the other hand, we latinos are still considered foreign goods.The roles assigned to blacks are usually superior in stature as protagonists that those offered to latino actors.  There are innumerable examples of this. Where is the outrage? Where is the solidarity with discriminated latinos?

How can a latino performer aspire to an award for excellence, such as an Oscar, if we do not receive opportunities to act in roles of importance?

The latino community represents the BIGGEST MINORITY GROUP in many cities and states in this country. Yet we account for a low representation on current tv shows and films, and receive almost to none attention from white AND black directors, producers, casting agents and studios, except when there is a need of a gardener, a whore, an illegal, a drug trafficker, a maid, or an idiot of sorts, usually in the lowest cast position and most likely to be killed, or made an example of, to benefit the white, or black star of whatever type of show it is.

It bothers me that the Academy reacts to perceived discrimination by seemingly concentrating only on what Spike Lee, Will Smith, or Jada Pinkett Smith correctly point out. While agreeing with their position, I would add this:

Hey, Spike! Hey Will! not only blacks are being snubbed. Check the latino award scoreboard for the last twenty years and tell me how many of us you've seen on that Oscar stage, presenting or accepting awards, as opposed to blacks.

Oh, i'm sure we were at the Oscars, cooking the food you eat, cleaning the shit you leave behind, making sure everything runs smoothly, for the enjoyment of an Industry built as an exclusive and private non-latin domain.

The bigger discrimination today, by film and television, is directed almost exclusively against the latino performer.

And this is not me crying over spilled milk. I'm one of the lucky ones working, but my experience has been that access to better roles is not something we can expect, because of our accent, or looks, or just for being latino.

Numbers and facts do not lie. Check them yourselves. The Industry wants our cash but cancels our breaks by denying us a fair access to opportunities. Writers do not include us in scripts because the Industry has no interest in representing us as equal members of the American Society. First it happened to blacks. Now it is applied to latinos.

I have been a member of the SCREEN ACTORS GUILD since 1975. I joined because i was singing in tv commercials. This made it compulsory to join S.A.G. Today, many latino actors and actresses are not members of the Academy. How could they be? Extras can't expect it. We are, however, members of the U.S. society and we support it in many ways, not just through hard work, but also by going to the movies and watching television. It could prove a more powerful boycott possibility, the importance of latino spending dollars, or votes, as this upcoming election might prove once and for all.

The issue is not just Will Smith not getting nominated for an Oscar for his fine performance in "Concussion".

It also includes the fact that latinos don't remotely have access to the opportunities needed to achieve his possibility.

Rubén Blades
Baja California, México
January 21st, 2016"

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A LIST OF LATINX and ASIAN ACTORS that have been nominated and won at "The Oscars"