Thursday, August 18, 2016


This is a joke. But I'm completely serious. Men should have access to this conversation about abortion through convincing their wives and girlfriends of X, Y, and Z. I don't feel like they should have direct say at all.

And I imagine I'll continue feeling this way until it becomes normal that: 

- "Oh my God I'm pregnant" means there is 50/50 chance the man will be the one to take care of the child after a one-night stand or a three-month stand if the woman doesn't believe in abortion

If men want more choices than I've outlined in this situation they should
  • a) always wear a condom
  • b) push predominantly male scientists to experiment on penises and balls in order to create a WAY OVERDUE male birth control pill for THEIR MUCH SIMPLER reproductive systems)  

- there's only a 50/50 chance the man is going to be the one to go out to work the wage, if the couple's value say that one of parents should primarily focus on the home and children and not work

- there's a 50/50 chance that the man will get full custody after divorce BECAUSE men are routinely THE hands on parent that didn't work OR he was totally half of a TEAM where both parents worked and both were hands on parents when in the home.  (Men are doing a lot more in the home than they used to. A lot more. But even men in jobs where they get paternity leave, they still have their mother or somebody else with breasts come over to help them in the home as if the baby is a nuclear device that might explode.<--that and="" br="" change="" got="" it="" nbsp="" ridiculous.="" s="" to="">
When men are routinely expected to do 50% of the hands on parenting and they take 50% of responsibility when an unplanned pregnancy occurs -- before sex and after delivery-- that's when I'll entertain the thought that men should have SOME say, without a female mouth piece, on how abortion and reproductive rights should go.

I am only 51% pro-choice because I know for a fact that a the cells scraped or the fetus aborted in May of 2016 will not come again in July of 2017. That set of cells destroyed, that particular set of egg and sperm, wasn't a person but they were a unique potential life that was destroyed. If a woman decides to put her life first, she should know what she's putting her life first in front of. When she has a child in July of 2017, she should know and accept that little Mary's older brother or sister is not on the planet by choice, a choice to save herself from poverty, death, or simple inconvenience.

Some rather rabid pro-choicers think this is all about religion, because the visual pro-lifers are mostly white men. But there are agnostics and atheist women who do not see abortion as one more method of birth control, who understand this loss, who look at the whole picture of abortion without sweeping any of it under the rug because it's uncomfortable.

But I also know there are things worse than dying or not getting to live -- and that's being born to somebody who doesn't want you or only had you because they were forced. It may presume too much to speak for the unborn, so I'll say I would not want to be born to such a person. I'd rather not live then be born to somebody forced to have me -- and that's with me knowing that there ARE HAPPY functional people here who are only here because their mothers couldn't get rid of them. I just think the chances for disaster or better if women are forced to keep children..

But the most important reason for my being pro-choice is that if a woman needs to control her situation and not be pregnant, she will get un-pregnant  -- even if takes a back alley and a unfolded hanger.

To me the abortion choice is simple. If you don't want one, don't have oneAfter that all that's left for women to talk about is how long after conception is a child a child and not cells, not a fetus anymore because --let's face it-- some women will think it's okay to kill what would be a healthy baby at 8.5 months if it's convenient   And that's worth 10 million long, ugly debates in my mind  - between women.  

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