Tuesday, August 16, 2016



SPELMAN COLLEGE - A historically Black College For Black Women

MOREHOUSE COLLEGE - A historically Black College For Black Men

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In may, you remember now a woman behind the Twitter account @RapedAtSpelman began tweeting about how she was raped by four Morehouse students.

This woman did come out of hiding. Then Spelman apparently took a month to contact her about her case.
When Spelman did contact her, "a dean and a public safety officer asked her

1) what she was wearing

2) why she was drinking under age

3) why she separated from her group"

In other words, 
"Why were you out being a drunk whore instead of in your dorm room before it gets dark, drinking milk while wearing a dress American Gothic Woman would be proud of?"

 As I understand it, in some states, police and prosecutors are formally or informally not allowed to blame a woman who comes forward as a rape victim for wearing clothing so provocative that it turns men into animals unable to control their hard ons or ask for consent before they stick their penises into people they can physically overpower.
This theory of unavoidable-accidental-rape due what a woman is wearing brings me to my big question of the week: 

If alcohol is to blame for men failing to ask for consent, getting confused, and dragging an unconscious woman behind a dumpster to rape her, then why don't reasonably nice men bash one another's skulls in more often?

If alcohol is to blame for rape-as-misunderstandings  --despite stats that say women are telling the truth about rape 96 to 98% of the time-- then why don't good, nice, men kill other good nice men when they become jealous of the other man's bigger, better car? Why don't they completely lose control in other ways and commit murder on three damn beers?

Could it be men don't bash other men's skulls in when they'd like to, uninhibited by three whole beers, because even when dead drunk on a bottle or two of vodka they know they'll go to jail for murder?

Could that be it?

Could it be that men know, even on three whole beers, that they can rape women and get away with it...like 97% of the time?

Could it be that men know, even while drunk on three whole beers, that they have so much power in this society that women the woman the might rape will probably be too afraid to even report it for fear of being called a whore and in the case of black women, for fear of being called a race traitor because...
Black men are the only black people that count

  • for a lot of black men
  • for a lot of non-feminist black women 

Rant Complete For Now

 Again, "a dean and a public safety officer asked" @RapedAtSpelman

  • 1) what she was wearin
  • 2) why she was drinking under ag
  • 3) why she separated from her group"


Is this a case of black women(?) officials at Spelman not having moved into the 21st century or a case black females executing misogyny AGAIN on behalf of black men?

Does anybody think that the four alleged rapists from Morehouse that will be seriously investigated in this life time? 


Show this Huff Post article to people who still halfway believe Bill Cosby. Show this to them every time they ask why the woman X didn't tell anybody she was raped. Show them a link to Brock Turner's case too so they can see just how a woman is subjected to humiliation again in court... in order to get a justice that is hair's breadth from nothing. 

For those of us that already KNOW or can imagine why we don't always tell,  see the link below from Everyday Feminism

"Should I Report My Rape?’ 5 Questions to Help You Decide"