Sunday, March 6, 2016

CECILE EMEKE's "STROLLING" EPISODE 1, BRITAIN: Untold Stories of African Diaspora

A repost
Connecting The Scattered 
And Untold Stories 
of the 

Black/African Diaspora


This is the episode that started it all. At least I think the series started in England, where Emeke lives.

This Episode


  Growing Up A Black British Child

     Natural Hair

So far, having seen the France and England episodes, I am amazed at how different our black history is in each country, yet how alike the treatment we get from white people is no matter where we are or what language is being spoken when the white tribe's numbers are largest.

At the same time, I'm appreciating more and more how powerful black people in the United States are, compared to other countries, because our percentage of the population is 13% instead of 3%.

EnjoyIt's in English, but the the "cc" button on Youtube if you need the closed captioning to understand British English like I sometimes do.