Wednesday, February 1, 2017


Feeling Rebloggy

An aspiring playwright in New York strikes up a friendship with a guy while on the rebound from a break-up.

After working with Jessica Williams in his 2015 film People, Place, Things, writer/director Jim Strouse (of Grace is GoneThe Winning Season) recruited her for a lead role and wrote an entire film around her. The Incredible Jessica James stars Jessica Williams as a struggling playwright living in New York City, dealing with a break up. Strouse makes light, amusing, charming films that have fun stories based on real situations. The Incredible Jessica James is no exception, and might just be Jim's best film to date. It's full of so much life and passion and love and, most importantly, optimism. In these troubling, tumultuous times, where depression and frustration are all too prevalent, a little bit of refreshing optimism goes a long way.
The Incredible Jessica James also stars Chris O'Dowd as a guy she's introduced to by a mutual friend as a rebound from her past relationship. The relationship aspect of the film isn't very deep, there isn't a great amount of introspection or any major revelations, except to say that we should stop pushing away people that make us happy. Some of the film deals with how we're caught up in our minds, and how emotions (and nostalgia) push us to act a certain way rather than to stay true to what our heart is really telling us. The film also focuses on passion and having a love for what you do, even if it's not exactly successful. In the case of Jessica James, that's being a playwright, but it's also an obvious reference to filmmakers and making films.

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This is at Sundance Right Now. It's due out in theaters sometime this year.