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Nate Parker is back on the Chitlin' Circuit.

:  When he was promoting his movie, he went to white run outlets like "" When Nate Parker tried to slip his rape trial under the radar, he used a white run media outlet then too. When people did not react with sympathy to his being "falsely accused" like he wanted, he did an O.J and ran not to BET TV but to Ebony Magazine instead.

And now that his arrogance has gotten himself in trouble again --nearly crying for himself on 60 Minutes and again when interviewed by Robin Roberts-- he's run to another black person to interview him.

He ran to "Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man" Steve Harvey, the black man most likely to agree that drunk ho-s cannot be raped because...they're drunk ho-s.

It's amazing to watch misogynists shoot themselves in the foot in a way very parallel to racists. When you don't know you are foul inside, you just don't know....I guess. 

[Nate Parker] went on to criticize news outlets for what he saw as biased coverage of the trial, asking, "Are we in the business of headlines or are we in the business of healing? ... I can get upset with the media and be mad, or I can say what can come out of this that can be productive."
Harvey chimed in, stating that he thought it was "a bit unfair" that the tragic suicide of Parker's accuser was immediately tied to an event that happened 13 years prior, and that the blame had subsequently fallen on Parker. "If you are a black man in this country, and you get accused of raping a white woman, your chances of walking out of that courtroom is slim to none," he said.  

Clearly Harvey hasn't been paying attention to black rape culture.

Black men do walk away from rape. Cosby walked away from raping white women.  Parker's convicted-of-rape partner, Jean Celestin, walked away from raping a white woman after a successful appeal.

And a few black football players have walked away from raping white women... right up UNTIL they retired, like Darren Sharper did,  and were no longer making tons of money per month for their white male team owner

Black men get away with raping white women when white men decide it's beneficial for white men. And when black men are playing sports professionally or at college, black men are white male protected.

And both of these "men" know that.

Parker also said it was good that the negative publicity brought issue of "rape" to the forefront --- a word which Parker still doesn't understand. Yes to, like, hanging out? Or yes to, like, sex?Nate Parker: If I can be just honest about it....Back then, when I was young and we were out being dogs it was about is she down? You think she down? Was that a question you would actually pose to her?Nate Parker: No. So it was kinda like an assumption you were working on?Nate Parker: Back then, it felt like…I’ll say this: at 19, if a woman said no, no meant no. If she didn’t say anything and she was open, and she was down, it was like how far can I go? If I touch her breast and she’s down for me to touch her breast, cool. If I touch her lower, and she’s down and she’s not stopping me, cool. I’m going to kiss her or whatever. It was simply if a woman said no or pushed you away that was non-consent.
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And the unwritten Cosby-context here is this: If you can get her drunk enough that she cannot give you an explicit "no" then dawgs like Parker felt like they were good to go.

Only problem is that's called "rape" 

This is exactly why Parker said to his victim, "You put yourself in that situation." 

Yeah. I know men used to joke about dropping things in women's drinks, actually do it, then "rape her" without it being called rape. But it was still called "foul." So these men inside and outside of colleges were not as naive as Parker would have you believe.

White racists knew they hated/felt superior to black people  before the word "racist" was coined. And rapists knew they were dead wrong for putting their penis inside a woman that didn't want it there before the definition of "rape" has become as explicit as it is now.

And you know how I know these men know that they are dead wrong? I know that because college dawgs like Parker would be very careful not to pull this she-never-explicitly-said-the-word-no on a college girl with brothers or male cousins likely to literally Parker and his ilk dead for "taking advantage" or their sister or cousin.

Rapists have always known what they are.  

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