Thursday, June 4, 2015

To Protect A Serial Rapist

Drugging, sexually assaulting, and raping two dozen women before a man is finally arrested for rape has to take a village's worth people all working toward the same end. And I think the ends that justified the means was this: Keep Darren Sharper making money no matter what.

If Darren Sharper was white you might be able to say he had enough money to protect himself all by himself. But Sharper is black. Rape fits quickly and easily into the black male stereotype. Therefore, somebody had to have been helping him.
How else do you rape that many women, police appearing to ignore rape accusation after rape accusation and going so far as to throw away rape kits?

That would take more money than one black man could earn at his relatively young age. Even someone older, like Bill Cosby, would need assistance.

So now we have to think about who would have the motive to assist him along such a foul path.

Keep this in mind as you ponder: If people can ignore that pedophile Sandusky in order to win pennants -or whatever it is  you get when you win at college football- people will ignore absolutely anything for the millions of dollars at stake in pro football.

Think about the path of the money that Darren Sharper was earning. It wasn't just flowing into to him and his family. That moola was flowing upward and outward toward owners, advertisers, TV execs, etc. There were a lots-a-folk interested in him staying on track.

Let us also keep in mind that law enforcement only decided to "catch" him and stop him long after he was no longer on a highly rated, popular, prime-time, family oriented, TV show, making the big bucks for television execs. He was only doing standup comedy again when they... um...wait...correction...I MEAN they decided to "catch" Sharper and stop him only after he stopped playing pro-ball, when he was only a TV Commentator. We didn't hear much of anything about his drugging and raping hobby at the height of his career.

And since it seems hard to believe a grown man just starts serial raping as he approaches 40, this might mean the village was working overtime when Sharper was at the height of his career because, again, h
is going to jail when he was da-man and popular would have represented the loss of a lot of money for people who summer on the yacht in the South of France and such. 

Of course it could be the rape kits were thrown away, not because of a pay off or  rich, important, pale people telling the pale police to look the other way. 

It could simply be the first two rape kits were thrown out because cops (of all shades) were born into a society where many people believe that false accusations of rape are as prevalent as genuine accusations of rape when all studies show that this simply isn't true.

Whether you think false rape happens at a rate of 2% or 8%,  deciding that false accusations of rape are just as problematic as rape makes about as much sense as deciding black cops killing unarmed white people is as big a problem as white cops killing unarmed black people....just because that's the way you think it logicallyshould be and nobody can really prove it to that it isn't the way you think it should be ...despite all stats to the contrary.


The video below is educational but chilling.  As you watch, think about how many people at the police station, in court houses, at his job, how many newspapers and magazines turned away from multiple accusations of drug-em AND rape-em so that Darren Sharper could....

...continue being a source of money for others?

...continue being a vision of black success JUST because he made a lot of money?

...continue being you or your sister's dream husband. (It's just sick that this man is so good looking. Just sick. And while he's in jail, I hope he....nevermind.)