Wednesday, June 10, 2015


After watching McKinney Pool Party video again,  I've been wondering if the other white cops surrounding super cop, Eric Casebolt, might deserve some of the credit for his resignation. The thing I'm nearly certain of is that one of those white police officers is responsible for saving some black lives.

Yet, contrary to the McKinney Police Chief's claims, their performance was some distance from perfection. 

Yanking Super Cop Casebolt back after he pulled his weapon on teenagers
Re-watch the original video at the 3 minute mark (see link at the end) When super cop pulls his gun, another officer running past super cop yanks him back. It is then that super cop re-holsters his weapon as if physically cued (at 3 min 15 seconds). I believe that is what I saw. That's why I think it's possible that the other officers at this melee backed up the witnesses instead of Casebolt which led to Casebolt's quick resignation.

Of course the thousands protesting in the streets, memories of Ferguson and Baltimore might have a bit to do with police department insiders calling for a quick resignation as well (<--my assumption).

There was one man arrested at the McKinney Pool Party. Adrian Martin, 18, was arrested for interfering with police and resisting arrest (though he was told to leave at gun point)  Martin was one of the two boys that ran to help the screaming girl in the bikini, Dejerrica Becton, while she was being assaulted by Casebolt.

Adrian Martin was ARRESTED FOR INTERFERING WITH A POLICE OFFICER  (that blue shows as close as Adrian Martin got to Super Cop Casebolt, while trying to see to or comfort the screaming 14 year old Dejerrica Becton) 

Casebolt has been screaming for 3 minutes straight at this point in the video, complete with f-bombs, about get out of here. When Adrian Martin and the other boy ran because he pulled his weapon for no reason, this became RESISTING ARREST

Martin stated that other than Casebolt, the policemen that arrived at the scene behaved professionally, even the ones that arrested him. Martin also said that (run - drop-  -barrel roll-  run) super cop was the only problem officer. Brandon Brooks, the white teen that filmed the entire incident as if invisible, said the very same thing about Casebolt.

The charges against Martin were dropped. But it's interesting to see just how very, very little constitutes "interfering with police officer" and "resisting arrest." Policemen ought to be put in jail for saying that when it's not true.

The words "you are under arrest" or miranda rights should have to leave a cops mouth before "resisting arrest" becomes an applicable charge.  

The white officer that grabbed Casebolt's arm, whoever he is, might have stopped some of our children from being shot. It'll be interesting to see if  we ever find out if he and other officers were instrumental in getting Casebolt out of the McKinney Police Department. Those kids weren't dangerous. But Casebolt escalated the entire incident and he put their jobs in jeopardy, if nothing else.  And their parents would have become dangerous if just one of those children had been shot.

It would be good to know if the other officers told the truth about what happened BEFORE the video came out or even after, for that matter. I just need to know that white police officers are capable of crossing the thin blue line for the Dajerrica Bectons and Adrian Martin. If white officers can't tell truth about bad cops for children, then who can they tell it for?   


McKinney Police Chief Announces Eric Casebolt's resignation. Calls Casebolt "Out of Control" more than once.

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I still want to know why KATE THE CAUCASIAN wasn't arrested (regardless of what her real name turns out to be. Some speculation today that she may have been found) 

The police showed up for a fight that the woman known here as KATE THE CAUCASIAN started when she assumed that most of black children at the pool didn't live in the area. "Go back to section 8" she reportedly said. (See video of the black girl she is beating being pulled away) 

According to witnesses, she started a verbal fight with black children and then a physical one when an older black girl (19) intervened. I've seen 30 seconds worth of film of them being pulled apart, KATE THE CAUCASIAN the only one disentangled enough to swing a fist or hand.(See her in action here

Super Cop's actions aside, KATE THE CAUCASIAN looks guilty of a assault, a hate crime, and disturbing the peace. And she should have been arrested or "held" that day too.

So all in all, I'd say that the McKinney Police Chief is wrong. The other officers didn't perform perfectly that day. But I'm willing to cut them some slack as they had their hands full controlling super cop. And one of them probably did stop Casebolt from taking that next step to murder.