Tuesday, June 9, 2015


BRANDON BROOKS FILMED McKinney Pool Party Incident

The 15 year old white boy that filmed the incident, Brandon Brooks, said, "It was like I was invisible" He was experiencing white privilege all the way. But this is THE BIGGEST LITTLE white ally that I've ever seen. He kept filming after Casebolt pulled his gun.  

Brandon is very clear in this video that this was racially motivated. He's pretty clear that a lot of the black kids lived in the area. He's also clear that the white adults were happy to see the black children being abused.

Listen to one of Brandon's interviews here.

If I could give Brandon Brooks a gold statue for most effective use of white privilege in the service of racial others award of 2015, I would.

Please sign a petition to have Casebolt fired and charged with a crime.


Here is the original video too. You might want to leave Brandon a nice comment there. He has commented that the racists are going nuts on his youtube comment section.