Friday, October 28, 2016

All the Women are Light-Skinned: Colorism Comes to Survivor's Remorse

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"And all the wavy, light-skinned girls 
is lovin’ me now"
 ~ Jay Z lyric from “December 4th”
The television show Survivor’s Remorse has become this powerful beam, highlighting all that TV has yet to touch on, even during this Golden Age of peak TV. Serial killers, presidential affairs, mobsters, ad men, monsters in parallel universes—all these and more have come to the small screen, and one of the most surprising things on TV right now is a show offering up a storyline about one of the most common aspects of life… at least for black people.
Teyonah Parris
[August episode] “Photoshoot” (written by Ali LeRoi) centered on Missy Vaughn (Teyonah Parris), now Cam’s Media Consultant, booking a photoshoot for her client. She finds herself under attack after firing the light-skinned model who was hired to replace the dark-skinned model she originally booked to pose with Cam. 
Parris brilliantly delivers Missy’s point of view, as a business woman who wants to be well-respected for her work, and as a black woman who knows that, if she doesn’t take a stand and use her position to address problems she knows exist, she won’t respect herself after the work is complete. In fact, the work itself lacks relevance, the moment she can’t use it to address an issue that has plagued her since her youth—dark skinned girls are, in so many ways, invisible. From the cotton fields and big houses, to the rap videos and lyrics, to the movies and magazines—dark skinned girls are less than, and deserve the same...

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In the interests of refusing to support colorism, this is how you look up the entire cast of a show:  

1) Go to google images 
2) Type in television show name PLUS the word "cast" 3) A string of photos like this should pop up.
4) For me? The number of medium to dark-skinned sisters should outnumber the light 2 to 1 (I'm experimenting. I may go to 1 to 1)