Sunday, October 16, 2016


FROM 2013 
Asked by an E! reporter to comment on Cosby, Donald Trump — a man who had weathered numerous scandals of his own over the years — offered the comedian some advice.
“Well, I think it’s very sad, and frankly I don’t think he’s handling it very well,” Trump told the network as he stood beside his wife, Melania, on the red carpet at the New York Ball benefit at Trump Tower.

“And he should say something because he is being accused of terrible things,” Trump continued. “And to have absolutely no comment ― I think he’s getting very bad advice from a PR standpoint.”

“And he should do it differently,” Trump added. “He’s not doing a very good job of handling it.”

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The thing that annoys me most about this entire "scandal" is that it is just like the Ray Rice scandal.

We all knew he hit Janay Rice for weeks and weeks. We had all seen video of the aftermath. Janay was unconscious. We saw him dropping her on her face. We heard about him going to court for hitting her. But the white men with power in the NFL (and the rest of the nation -- including a bunch of black men and their penis panderers)  pretended they DIDN'T KNOW Ray hit Janay hard enough to knock her out until the second video came out where actually get to see him do it. 

SSDD with Donald Trump

Everybody already knew that Trump was a lowlife and that he was especially low with white women.  

Ethnic Slurs, racism, homophobia, anti-Mexican, anti-Muslim none of that mattered to the Republican Party of white men and their penis panderers.  
But white men didn't have to start pretending they care about misogyny, sexual assault and rape (that Ivana Trump interview has been public forever) until that ugly video comes out where Trump uses to word "p*ssy"

The thing that actually scares me is not that the 
Ethnic Slurs, racism, homophobia, anti-Mexican, anti-Muslim didn't matter that much to the republicans or those that call themselves independents (and would still do so in 1940s Germany and pat themselves on the back as being non-biased as Jewish people were led off to death camps).  

And believe me I know that all of Trumps hate based rhetoric spells death and destruction to black and brown people if he gets to be president. Ronald Reagan only dog whistled his ethnoracism and, among other things, white mobs actually hunted down and killed three different black people in New York.  The KKK had a surge in membership and meetings near Bayside, NY thanks to Ronald Reagan.
So, I don't even want to know how compromised black and brown safety would be under Trump. Hillary Clinton is white, very sometimes. But there is no comparison to Trump. None.  

However compared to Donald Trump not knowing who our friends and enemies are? The Ethnic Slurs, racism, homophobia, anti-Mexican, anti-Muslim might be damn near nothing, even for black and brown people. 
It scares me that people in this country are this damn stupid.

It scares me that Donald Trump's complete lack of awareness on how to secure this country from external enemies is not what is knocking him out of the presidential race.  He doesn't know who has parallel interests and who would see us destroyed, forget him figuring out who our frenemy-countries are. But that's not what's making his campaign implode

What's knocking him out of the presidential race is white women saying to white men, "What about us?"

White men didn't give a rats @$$ until the soundbite was so ugly they couldn't ignore it anymore, so ugly they couldn't look their white wives, white girlfriends, white daughters, and white mothers in the face anymore.

Pay attention!

1) White women in the United States don't matter when the green dollars are coming in.

2) White women in the United States don't matter when there is power to be had. 

  • They got the vote after black men
  • 2/3rd of the time no white woman existed when a white man lynched a black man for rape yet white women have been scape goated for being the reason black men were lynched. 
  • They got ignored while Bill Cosby was making money for studios
  • They are being raped by people like Brock Turner, Austin Wilkerson, and  and the judge cares more about white male rapist's future than the woman he raped.
  • They are ignored when professional football players raped them....until he retires and is no longer making money for the team owner. 

White women side with white men rather than the rest of us ALL THE TIME. But do not think they have any real power. They don't.  The Trump Sexual Assault Scandal is simply the latest bit of proof that they are close to nothing as far as white men are concerned.  

Misogynistic Rape Culture aficionados and their enablers are all the same, regardless of race.
If there's a woman between point A and point B, where the money or the power is located, the standard operating procedure is to label the woman a ho, throw her under the bus with other accusations if you can (like being a democrat against republicans or a race traitor), then keep on steppin' to point B where the money and the power is located.

And there are always women to go along with this program. There are still women defending Donald Trump.  And, there are still women defending Nate Parker

However, internet news outlets are more connected than they used to be and they are having more and more influence. This is bad in some ways, but not in this case. Networking feminists are repeating stories that matter to us more and more effectively on these news outlets. This is a major part of the reason why Nate Parker and Donald Trump have gotten some nasty surprises from women this month.