Monday, October 17, 2016


“As women, we are programmed to be submissive toward men and to let them down gently when we are not attracted to them, or else we are a ‘prude’.
And if we are very sexually attracted to them, we must passively accept the offer and not seem too keen - because that would make us a ‘slut’.
And if we aren’t attracted to men all together, then we must accept criticism and ‘flattery’ - such as the “can I watch, then?” or “how do you know, if you haven’t tried dick?” and the most FLATTERING of all, “it’s such a waste for you to be a lesbian.”
At the end of the day, as women, we are programmed to be owned by men. Our sexuality isn’t valued as highly as men’s is. Our ability to say ‘no’ is quashed by the contradictory social expectation of us to be both sexy and ladylike. Society has set out an unachievable route to being an acceptable woman, and we are all beautiful failures.”