Sunday, November 13, 2016


I always knew that people of color were going to have to out-vote the majority of white people, just like they did in 2008 and 2012.  That expectation was not new to me and shouldn’t have been new to anybody else who is black or brown.
So what's with all the Becky did it again crap? That's a deflection and nothing more.

The white folk demographic is dwindling  as compared to the rest of us every year. Now in 2016, that's something for white people to actually be afraid of  --because they know how they've treated the rest of us when they were 80% of the country and had 99.9% of the power.

In essence they are afraid of their own behavior. But in the 1980s white fears were not justified. But that fear was deadly to people of color (POCs) just the same.

In the 1980s white folks still had nearly all the power but Ronald Reagan stirred up enough fear of the future where whites didn't have THE ONLY SAY in how things went. Those in the North and West got bolder with the overt white racism again (as compared to the 1970s). President Reagan got on television talking about welfare queens,  "young bucks" scamming welfare checks, and crack addicts as if there weren't more white people on welfare and powder cocaine.

Reagan got white folks nasty and scared enough for a fair percentage to feel relatively safe muttering ethnoracist slurs out loud again and while a majority of the rest of whiteness defended their right to do so....or get right up to the edge with dog whistle racism.

When people of color called white people on their ethnoracist crap, those Reagan lovers eventually came up with “political correctness.” Whenever called on racist crap that flowed from their hearts up and out of their mouths they said,

“Why do we have to be so politically correct?”

Bragging about how "I'm not politically correct" was the one and only part of Donald Trump's racism that came out in the form of dog whistle. Political Correctness Disdain was THE way to call the balance of close to two-thirds of white people to his side when the bullhorn racism white racism didn't work.

Donald took a page out of Ronald's book. And there were consequences when Ronald used a dog whistle. White mob violence was one of them. 

Using dog whistle racism in the 1980s,  Ronald Reagan and those white republicans that followed him prodded more than half of the biggest demographic in the land (white people) to resentful hostility over

1) losing the ability to be considered for jobs first, middle and last.2) live anywhere they wanted without having to see black and brown faces,
3) facing real resistance from POCs when they sent POC children to jail while white children went to rehab.  
At the time, there was exactly zero damn risk of white people losing an iota of white privilege they were so desperate to hold onto. We, people of color, simply didn't have the political power or the numbers at the time to stop them from doing a thing -- as the 1990s would soon prove. 

By stirring white resentment in the ordinary white citizen who would never see themselves as racially motivated, Ronald Reagan gave the violent white fringe a higher jumping off point. 

White nationalists etc had a higher jumping off point because they had a base white community that had been made a lot more comfortable with their own verbal racism than they had been prior to Ronald Reagan’s election. And when you have more white racism coming out of mouths, you get more white racist action. 

This is common sense: More white racists words = more white racist action.

White Mob violence was the outcome of that comfort with more overt forms of verbal white racism in New York. And it was the outcome in other cities like Michigan and Virginia too

I know the names of  the dead chased down by white mobs in New York  --Willie Turks, Michael Griffiths, and Yusef Hawkins-- because I lived in New York. And I know Vincent Chin’s name because of a friend. 

Betcha didn't hear a thing about white mob violence in 80s when they talked about lynching in school, did ya?  Didn't know there were sundown towns in the North East and all over the country, did ya? 

Keeping the absence of the internet in the 1980s in mind is critical to understanding how black and brown people were endangered by trickle down racism of Ronald Reagan while it remained almost invisible to willfully ignorant whites.

That wasn't the only impact of not having internet. Blacks, for example, wouldn't hear about white racists beating black or brown and/or killing black and brown people for weeks -- not until a black magazine like Emerge published once a month. 

White people would only hear about isolated racial incidents that happened near their own cities and towns.  And because the appeared to be "isolated" incidents, white people put white violence into the category of  "mentally ill" or "teenagers going a little too far" instead of into a "white mob violence" category or lynching catagory. 

If we had had internet back in the 1980s and early 90s, it is unlikely Mark Wahlberg would be on a huge movie screen near you – because we’d have known when he got his first bit of fame that he went to jail for a vicious hate crime
As it turns out, it's just luck that one of the white mobs that Mark Wahlberg belonged to didn't actually kill someone while he was there (as far as we know). It's just luck the pack he ran with didn't catch the black children they were chasing year ago and more luck that the man he and his mob did catch didn't die. 

So I know there are a bunch of other, lesser known, white people that did kill people of color who were never properly labeled as "lynch mob" or "executors of hate crime" – due to the absence of the internet.

But I was reading Emerge magazine regularly during and after Ronald Reagan ramped up covert and overt forms of white racism. That's how some of us knew that Donald Trump’s bullhorn racism was going to generate a much bigger crest of white fringe white violence than Ronald Reagan’s dog whistling did...

--which made Hillary Clinton's low key run-of-the-mill white racism damn near irrelevant. Donald Trump may select 2 to 3 Supreme Court justices. Stagnant with Hillary is no comparison to going back 50 years.

The rising tide of overt white racism has already begun.

The KKK has announced a December 3rd March in North Carolina. I read about a black doll lynched inside an elevator at upstate New York college. White adults and white children have started shouting racial epithets and deliberately intimidating children of color and teens at schools and universities around the nation.
And if you think those white kids aren't repeating what their white parents are saying, think again.

Since the white population actually does have something to fear this time (a shrinking white demographic) most of us knew that white people were not foing vote for Donald Trump in spite of his overt white ethnoracism.

Some of us knew that white people were going to vote for Trump because of his white racism – no matter what the majority of white people tell themselves.
“Why do we all have to be so politically correct” 
should always be heard as
"ENTITLED people of color and everybody else that’s not heterosexual, white, Christian or Atheist just like me make my skin crawl.” 

Again, the 63% of white men and 53% of white women do not believe that this is sentiment in regards to race is racism. They only believe that hatred, KKK style, is racism.  
And while some of these white people that have black and brown people around them that they like and/or have genuine affection for, they consider them "a credit to their race" are racists too.  
You can talk from now until the end of days about the subtler forms of racism to the white racist in denial about being one and they'll just sit there looking at you thinking "Those people think everything is about race." Then they'll try to find themselves a internal racism spouting token like Omorosa so she can confirm reverse racism actually exists.

The 63% of white men and 53% of white women will never understand how violent they have been and how violent they have just promised to be in the immediate future. Willfully ignorant white racists do not understand the fear underlying the protests they started seeing in the streets. They'll never understand it. 

But people in other countries understand that white racism won in 2016. The longer the protests go on the more clearly that's going to be understood. Some white people will be humiliated by this (again as they were in the 1960s) and refuse to vote for racism and hate a second time.     

But we should all know that white people are unlikely to excise their own white racism tumor with any long term commitment. That’s not going to happen. 

White people gonna white

And when you add whites gonna white to the white people who live out in the sticks being afraid of their inability to get a middle class job without a college degree -- just like black and brown people have always done-- you get a landslide victory for an everybody-despising, white supremacist like Donald Trump.

Back in the day, KKK people stood outside factories that were closing and said to other whites “Those people took your livelihood.” 
Today, the white nationalist minded says “those people are criminals and welfare cheats and keeping government large so their entitlements keep coming which make you, a good white man, poor. Ummm...just don't look at all the "smart" rich white men who took your manufacturing job over seas. Look at the black and brown people here."  

White people gonna white.

I thought people of color and maybe 1/3 of white people inherently understood that.

That’s right. I was only counting on 1/3 of white people to vote Hillary Clinton for the block.  I was expecting a little bit of a bump from “grab em by the p*ssy” but I didn’t get it or it didn’t last.

However we did get more than a 1/3 of white people voting AGAINST Donald Trump. 

So, I ask you, what the hell happened to the people of color vote? 

Very Smart Brotha's Headline


That headline above is a deflection of the highest order. Other men of color are posting variations on the same crap. It is so damn dishonest. We knew that vast majority of white people were the political enemy. Black women weren't waiting on white women to save us. I wasn't looking to Becky for a damn thing. 

I was waiting on people of color to unite politically same as they did for President Obama in 2012.  

Yet, the only people of color demographic that got completely damn serious about voting to protect us from that white racist wolf -- who was never in sheep's clothing-- was black women.

Black women voted to protect ourselves and to protect President Obama’s map toward decreasing black and brown prison population and green energy etc to the tune of 93 to 95%. So far exit polls show that black men dragged the black vote down to 88% 

Since we all should have known that whites gonna white, why the hell POC male writers trying to deflect like it's an olympic event.


    Here's What Happened
     with the Latino Vote

  • "If you are in shock over the election results, don’t blame Latinos"

The writer of this article tries to be somewhat honest in that he admits Florida could have been flipped by Latinos. But like other POC male writers he's bragging about numbers that weren't even close to high enough.

Look at this chart again.

Put another way ONE-FOURTH of black men (13%) voted for Trump just like white women did. 

That's disappointing as hell. In fact, anything more than 6% or 7% is damn near CRIMINAL level betrayal. 

But you know what’s worse?

Black men were the BEST male demographic, at 80%) to step out and try and protect us all from Donald Trump. 

Again, at 93 to 95% black women were the only ones that BRRRAAANG IT in an attempt to stop Trump from getting a hold of our nation’s secrets and compromising our relationships with allies while also destroying us from within.

The Asian vote? That surprised me in positive way.
I've read that the Asian population has doubled since the 1980s. Over the years, Asians have begun to realize that the American dream is not as accessible to "everybody" as they were led to believe. That group becomes more and more progressive as time goes on.  One website I read said Asians voted for the Hillary-Block of Donald Trump to the tune of 75%.  

Yeah that needs to get better and quick too. But it's not as bad as I expected. 

Again, the other thing that shocked the hell out of me was the damn Latino vote.  

Cubans are a special big-little problem.

Cubans identify themselves as white 85% of the time. They are only a sliver of the “Hispanic Vote” at 3.7% (percentage of Hispanics not the nation) So their voting for Trump near 70% is actually pretty good.   
HOWEVER, so many Cubans being concentrated in Florida makes those White Cubans a big damn problem. Most Cubans are going to have to be out-voted every year....probably by blacks, latinos, asians, and probably some of the Jewish
Florida has too many electoral votes to ever be ignored.

Cubans aside, I do not understand how close to 1 in 3 Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, South Americans --some combination of Hispanics-- voted for Trump in various states  (If that's what happened.)
from Pew Research
Do one-third really think that respectability politics and being “a credit to their race” is going to save them?
Ethnoracism doesn’t work that way. But respectability politicians tend to sneer at their own when the white racist comes for them.
Internal racism suffering Respectability Politicians say things like John Latinx-Lastname “wouldn’t be dead right now if he hadn’t been wearing a hoodie. He’s not dead because of white racism. Racism had nothing to do with this or the reason why the mostly white jury that set his killer free.”

The other factors in latinos voting for Trump might involve latinos and asians  being able to "pass" as white (temporarily) or get model minority credit into whiteness.

I also understand silly single issue voters who vote for "right to life" candidates who will make abortion illegal while those same candidates advocates for the death penalty for 13 year olds (-- which white conservatives actually argued for simultaneously in the 1980s and 1990s.)

Vast majority of blacks can't pass So they don't do the single issue voter thing like latinos and asians might. They don't vote abortion at the exclusion of all else. Blacks know they can die in the womb, die at the whim of a white cop, die in prison at 13 for stuff Mark Wahlberg  probably would NOT have got the death penalty for if he'd been unlucky and his victim died.

But Trump attacked various Latinx groups so viciously. I expected the “Hispanic Vote” was going to come in somewhere nearer 4 to 1 against Trump not 2 to 1.

I thought the people of color vote and especially the men of color vote was going to be just as high or higher than it was for President Obama.

But that's not what happened. Clearly. 

Yes, Hillary had a lot of baggage. But none of her baggage was as big as the threats inside Donald Trump’s suitcase of horrors. 

Aside from the term limits he'll never get through and a couple of other things, have you seen what he plans to do in the first 100 days?  He can’t get it done unless becomes King and gets rid of congress. But what he might get done with his signature alone should frighten us all anyway.

People of color dropped the ball. Talking about white women is a diversion we cannot afford.

Besides, it is pointless and almost humiliating to berate Becky since the majority of white women are happy Donald Trump won. And it's not just the 53% of white women dancing in the street either. And additional percentage of white women are doing a bitter two-step because their other white savior, Bernie Sanders, didn’t get to the top of the Democratic ticket anyway. 
So our hollaring at the Bernie Bro Stepford Wives for failing to vote for Hillary Clinton is making THAT set of white women happy too. 


Look at worshipful black boy in right bottom
corner.White folks get MAD when you don't
vote for their white savior daddy figure.
-- mad enough to vote Trump
White people gonna white.  

So I’m not thinking about white women anymore. 

And, I’m REALLY trying NOT to think about how the Bernie Bros didn’t suck it up and vote to protect black and brown people, Muslims, LGBTQ, trans folk, and people who’ve been in prison way too damn long.  

I’m thinking about why the people of color coalition didn’t work like it did in 2012.

I’m thinking about how a people of color coalition plus a few more Jewish people could have saved Florida and North Carolina and probably Michigan too.

I'm thinking about how we could be moaning about things being stagnant instead of screaming about how POCs are being dragged backward 50 years.

I'm thinking that racism, sexism, homophobia, islamophobia etc could turn out to be small potatoes if two-thirds of our government is unable to stop that moron from turning our allies into enemies and our frenemies into wars. 

I’m thinking we’ll have 8 years instead of 4 years of Trump if we don’t figure this out.

Continued in Part 2: What happened to the male POC VOTE