Wednesday, November 9, 2016


I knew there would be black-lash against President Obama.

And I knew white folks declining numbers was going to squeeze the uglier versions of their racism out into the open. But I was really hoping for a 4 year reprieve before alt-Right took over.

Oh well

For months I've been hoping the white racism vote would "only" come in at 40%  But I knew that was a pipe dream.

So, I was pretty sure white men were going come in at 66% for Trump. (And I think that's gonna be close to true.)

But I was really hoping for a 60% of white women would go for Hillary after "grab em by the p*ssy" came out, maybe a little less. (I was wrong.)

But what surprised everybody is that college-degree-having white women did not go for Hillary, not in numbers as large as the pollster's thought. Not even close. And that subset of college-degree-having white feminists isn't that large a group -- not at all.

White women went for Trump, overall.

The very, very white Bernie Bros?  I'll bet a lot money that just enough of them voted for Trump. 

During primary season in New York and California, Bernie won in all the same mostly white, low education, out-in-the-sticks counties that Trump did. 
Being without a formal education has always meant poverty for black and brown. But that's new for white folks out in the sticks. And a chunk of the Bernie Bros (children of Reagan Democrats?) don't like that any more than the straight-no-chaser KKK white racists. 

Between the white Bernie Bros and that huge slice of white women Trump had a lot of support.   

Black folks probably went 90% for Anybody-Not-Trump. But a sizeable chunk of black millennials have been saying that they think that white racism is white racism and didn't bother to vote at all or skipped the part where one votes for president.

I thought for damn sure thought the "Hispanic Vote" except for Cubans was going to break 90% for Anybody-Not-Trump. (I was wrong here too)

All these things together are what gave us a really good picture of what America's racial climate is really like.

But what's not as clear, for a lot of people, is just how much white patriarchy hates leadership in a woman -- even a white woman. I don't know if this was an overall trend, but some of the commentators on PBS said that  fewer white people voted for Hillary Clinton than Barack Obama in some counties.  

White-male-led white people do not like women, not even white women. I've said that a bunch of times. I'm saying it again.

And, I'll never be able to prove it. But I'll bet a bunch of men of color would have gone to vote, rather than sit this election out,  if a white man had been running instead of a white woman too.  

Patriarchy hasn't missed darker communities either.

So, I really don't think Eileen Warren, for example, would have done that much better against white-male-led hatred. Then again, being a heck of a lot closer to baggage-less than Hillary, maybe her doing just slightly better in each state might have created optimism enough to take some of edge off the fear coming out of white racists.  But I doubt it.

Oh well.  
If you think this election was ugly? Wait until you see the next two. 

By late afternoon on election day, Trump's strong showing had put this entire country on a different course. If it weren't for the Supreme Court picks coming up in the next 4 years, who won the presidency would barely matter.

I think alt-Right's trajectory just took a sharp turn upward.

* * * * * *

Michael Moore nailed it a long time ago. He said we were going to lose. But he doesn't think his brethern are racists. They are.

If you don't care when your candidate says X Y Z racist statements enough to make sure he DOES NOT attack people who don't look like you -- you are not distant enough from a racist to make a discernible difference.

There were other republicans that care about money and money only. That is never in short supply on the right. White people who are poor and poorly educated could have put another republican at the top of the ticket. They and middle class educated white people chose Trump BECAUSE he's a white racist, not in spite of it.  That is THE thing that left and right white pundits and reporters admit to themselves.