Monday, November 7, 2016


It scares me to see young black people so afraid that their vote doesn't matter that they aren't going to vote at all. But I suppose there's always been that element among us though. Maybe I should be glad that this seems to represent a very vocal few. I think I am glad. Anyway. Here's a song from Jenifer Lewis to encourage you.


Things have been worse by A LOT. Don't let the white mainstream news sell you on the idea that today is as bad as the 1960s, 1950s, and 1920s. They aren't. They aren't even as bad as the 1980s yet.

Things will be better in the United States again....unless it's time for this particular empire to end. They all do. But I don't think we're near that yet. However, I do think it's going we're going to be on a downhill slide for a decade or so. Again though-- I don't think things will slide back to even the 1980s.

White folks are not going to be the majority in a few decades. They will have retained power. But they'll be afraid. Scared people in power are always dangerous.

On the positive side, there is a fraction of the white population that's beginning to wake up. It doesn't look like it's just the idealistic young this time, looking for cool points to me. It looks different than the 1960s - from what I've read and seen in documentaries. I could be wrong. But I doubt I'm significantly wrong because we've had a black president.

So, unless you're going to sit out for decades, make a decision. Get your @$$ out and vote. People died so you could vote.

The choices do suck. And they are probably going to get worse if there's not a REAL third party choice eventually. So choose one of the alternate parties, neither democrat or republican. If the third party is not what you'd like either, then get yourself together to help build that barely-there-party into a party that can be an actual contender in future elections. Get in on the ground floor and help build the Green Party or create a whole new party.

This year though? JUST VOTE
- - - - -
If black and browns sit around waiting for a person of color to run for president that's NOT a part of the establishment, sit around waiting for someone that's pure -- they'll never vote.

Good Luck Out There