Friday, November 18, 2016


Bounce TV has announced in social media posts that it will resume airing reruns of the 1980s sitcom on Dec. 19 [2016]. Atlanta-based Bounce claims to be the first TV network designed and programmed for African-Americans. It says it takes the allegations against Cosby “seriously,” but says its research shows African-Americans “see a distinction between Bill Cosby, the man, and the iconic TV character Cliff Huxtable.”

Yeah, but it's too soon. More important than that his trial isn't over yet. Are they trying to make sure he can pay his attorneys or what? 

Somebody commented that this is a result of Trump's election. But BOUNCE is a black television run by BOUNCE men, isn't it?

Information on the founders.
The network was founded on April 4, 2011, and is majority owned and operated by African Americans. The founding group and initial ownership team included Andrew Young (Ambassador to the United Nations), Martin Luther King III and Andrew "Bo" Young III; the group also includes Rob Hardy and Will Packer, co-founders of Rainforest Films, a top African-American production company.[2] The "Bounce TV" name was chosen as a branding avenue to signify that the network is "going somewhere with energy".[3]

Looks heavily black male influenced to me, regardless of who actually owns it. Doesn't it?  So much for black men supporting black women. Helping Cosby rake in more money while he is defending himself is not supportive of black women in any way shape or form

Thanks for the long lasting support of black women fellas! You are so consistent.

Not only am I not watching Cosby, I'm not going to support BOUNCE TV either. They are just starting out (5 years isn't long in television station years) and they've already left a bad taste in my mouth