Tuesday, November 8, 2016

About the Election from Hell and Why I Voted for Hillary Clinton

Feelng Rebloggy   
I am exhausted, because this election season was conducted by Satan. Never in the history of ever have I wanted to skip ahead in time as I have in this particular presidential campaign. From the beginning, it has been more divisive than any I can recall, and everyone has been in our collective feelings.
From the passionate Bernie Bros to the Hillary Heads. The Democrats acted a fool amongst each other, because everyone seemed really heart tied to their candidates. And then when Bernie lost, folks threw massive tantrums and you would have thought someone stabbed Jesus in the heart.

Some moved past it.
And for Hillary, who might have thought she had it all in the bag. Well, this election rightfully checked her and let her know that she ain’t just gonna moonwalk into the Oval Office. Her campaign misstepped more than a few times and she learned that Clinton privilege isn’t always a smooth ride to the top.

But NOTHING. Not a damb thing. Not an ounce of a gram of a thing, can compare to the fuckery that has been Donald Trump, his campaign and the fact that he is literally Hilter’s mentee. He has made this an election from hell....