Tuesday, November 8, 2016


It's killing me. to listen to these white people on PBS try to figure out why Trump is winning.

(I pray he doesn't ultimately win. But it looks real bad right now)

They are mentioning how white white white people are voting for Trump. They are mentioning uneducated white people are coming out of the woodwork. But they are not concentrating at all how much white racism motivated Trumps base A LOT MORE than Hillary motivated the POC within her base.

POC, especially blacks are MOURNING President Obama leaving.  They are NOT motivated. 
These white folks took poll after poll after poll only focused on how white people feel. But didn't take into account the Latnix and Blacks might vote issues and skip the president OR vote for a third party.
Trump's pollster's are the only ones who knows how white people function as a group.
(And Michael Moore knows too. He said all along Trump would win.  Should'a listened. He knows white people too)