Saturday, December 17, 2016


But democrats don't know how battle like they are in a street fight. The republicans do. They've been doing it for a few decades now. The culmination is alt-Right or "alt-Reich" as some are now calling it.
Did you know that the RepubliKKKlansmen stopped seating President Obama's federal judges in early 2015? Maybe a year before they refused to staff the Supreme Court with Merrick in early 2016? Check the link below.
Republicans have been refusing to seat judges nominated by President Obama.
We the people haven't done a thing to make sure nobody should be able to do this again.
Dozens of federal judge jobs are just sitting empty because the republicans just stopped doing the basics like staff federal judge positions with the selections chosen by this first black president.
At this link is a  List of Judges Appointed and List of Judges Republicans refused to even consider FOR TWO YEARS.  

  • The republicans have been holding up some of nominations for the U.S.Court Of Appeals since January 2016 in addition to refusing to interview President Obama's Supreme Court nominee, Merrick. But republicans have also been holding up nominations for the U.S District Court since THE BEGINNING OF 2015.
The lack of cooperation is at historic levels. Still, some say Obama lost battles, but won most of the judicial-nominee war.

"Obama has already appointed 329 judges to lifetime jobs, more than one third of the judiciary, and they’re already moving American jurisprudence in Obama’s direction...
Ultimately, most of those battles over judges have really been about Obama, a nasty front in the larger partisan war that has raged throughout his presidency. 
And as with most of the foreign and domestic policy battles of the Obama era, the result, after a lot of bellicose rhetoric and political brinksmanship, has been a lot of change. Obama has already appointed 329 judges to lifetime jobs, more than one third of the judiciary, and they’re already moving American jurisprudence in Obama’s direction. 
He got two left-leaning women onto the Court: Sonia Sotomayor, the first Hispanic justice, and Elena Kagan, his former solicitor general. He also flipped the partisan balance of the nation’s 13 courts of appeals; when he took office, only one had a majority of Democratic appointees, and now nine do. Just last week, two Obama appointees to the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals struck down some of North Carolina’s strict new election law, calling it a discriminatory effort to stop blacks from voting."

For me, it's time to filibuster the republikkklansmen into submission, filibuster the cows come home. Once the Orange Dragon is in place, it becomes time to hold the line until the whole thing breaks. If white racism is a reason to stop seating judges then anti-racist push back is a good enough reason too.

Now, Kasich in Ohio has signed a clearly unconstitutional bill to ban abortion completely for 20 weeks. He's probably thinking the courts are about to go his alt-Right way anyway, yes? More than this 20 week ban making any real impact, I think Kasich is trying to announce to alt-Right he's their heir apparent to the brainless one. Like I said before, the white supremacists have had a road map handed to them by Trump. They know exactly how far they can go with overt and dog whistle racism. And they also know that most of the left will relabel those who voted for a patriarchal white supremacist as misguided "white working class" when most everybody who is not white knows the "working class" had jack to do with how 57% of white people voted in 2016. It's way beyond gloves off time. But I don't think the Democrats know how to brawl. Headline
Kasich Signs 20-Week Ohio Abortion Ban but Vetoes 'Heartbeat' Bill Read More:

When a republican governor starts playing these kinds of games, it's way past time to get your claws out and use them.