Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Where Love Better Trump Hate

Yesterday's 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS WAS A JOKE.  One of the lines made sarcastic reference to "Love Trumps Hate"

All kidding aside now, I'll tell you where love BETTER trump hate.

Love better trump hate between the blacks, latinx, muslims, asians, POC-LBGTQ, middle-easterns and everybody else e-raced out of American life by patriarchal white males and the white female handmaidens they married/girlfriend-ed.

(63% White males voted for Trump.  53% white women voted for Trump) 

Actually love better do more than trump hate between people of color. Love better make People of Color want to learn one another's stories. 
Blacks need to want know some basic mexican history and basic mexican current-story. Latinx people need to know some basic indigenous people history and some basic indigenous people current story . Indigenous people need to know some basic chinese history and some basic chinese current story. Asians need to know.... 
People of color need to come together as more of a consolidated group if most of us want to move in a similar direction --away from white supremacy.   

The alternate path is paved with empathy.

And, empathy requires at least a little bit of knowledge at its base.

White people are not lesser human beings than the rest of us. They, as a group, have consistently behaved in a way that IS consistent with not knowing anybody's history or perspective but their own. And that has led to a dearth of empathy (not only hate and disdain) from white people for decades.
White people have been so consistent about not knowing other people's perspective, that they don't even realize they have white perspective, a raced-perspective, just like every-single-body else.

White people also don't realize that people of color have to study their habits and their beliefs about themselves just to survive, much less thrive.   
People of color who don't read white people and their beliefs about themselves well, do not do well in this country. This is why one people of color group winds seeking knowledge and wind up with empathy for another people of group.  We have the habit of acknowledging ethnic/racial differences just to survive not-being-white in the United States. 
People of color do not more habitually seek awareness of the other because we were born better human beings, somehow, as a result of our DNA.   
So, if people of color want to move through life in a different way than whites have as a group so far, and the goal is to end that standard quo of white supremacy, then we're going to have to choose a different path. 
Therefore, love for one another better trump hate. Love had better lead to empathy creating a desire for knowledge and knowledge creating more empathy.  It better.

If people of color lead in love, maybe more wise and even not-so-wise white people will get better and be able to follow. And we'd better hope that love reigns even where knowledge is weak among white people because pragmatically and politically speaking, we need at least 1/3 of white people with us to swing the country in a more ethical and inclusive direction.  

"Being interested in politics" is a way of saying "being interested in influencing our group values." If we want our slice of the American pie, we need to get on it.  

So may love beget a thirst for knowledge and that in turn beget empathy and lead the way for people of color and white people too in 2017.    
Be Blessed.  

Not to force my religion on anybody, but since this is my own personal Christmas message, I pray that each and every one of you find Middle Eastern Jesus in your heart one day.