Friday, January 15, 2016


This less popular quote, especially in white circles, is particularly relevant now. 

Most of us know that George Zimmerman, Brian Encinia, Darren Wilson, Dante Servin, and Michael Brelo should be in jail for false arrest and/or murder. And we know that the system of white supremacy let these killers walk away.  But we need make our focus on dismantling the system a little more precise.

In fact, we need to make our focus surgical for a while. We have limited resources  and limited time because we all have day-to-day lives to lead. So I think we need to focus on the legal system that white supremacy has produced to protect itself.

And I think we should focus first on putting swift punishments in place for judges that dismiss cases. The murderers of Eleanor Bumpers, Malissa Williams, Timothy Russell, and Rekia Boyd would either be in jail if not for a few white judges.

We should focus second (or maybe first before judges) on swifter punishments for district attorneys that help bad cops lie and/or mislead grand juries. The killers of Tamir Rice and Mike Brown might be in jail now if not for questionable district attorney tactics.

The Darren Wilson (Mike Brown) grand jury was led to believe, by the D.A.,  that it was okay for cops to shoot at people just for running when that was outlawed in the 1980s.

In the Tamir Rice case, prosecutor Timothy McGinty pretty much acted like a defense attorney for an officer that shot a 12 year old boy inside two seconds by implying there was some sort of mistake in judgment on fright on both sides --when there was no judgment possible, on the part of officer Loehmann, inside two seconds.

Cleveland's McGinty filed an appeal of the Michael Brelo decision,  a judge's decision that absolved officers in the shooting of the unarmed Malissa Williams and Timothy Russell, where the officer stood on top of a car and fired 37 to 49 bullets into two unarmed people, However, McGinty knew that double jeopardy applied and that this would prevent Brelo from ever seeing the inside of jail cell from the start. 

People in Cleveland are currently protesting the fact that McGinty still has a job. They want McGinty fired and/or not re-elected. This is a good thing. But it is a bad thing that this is mostly local news. 

So, I hope Black Lives Matter picks this protest up and makes The Cleveland Protest against McGinty more of a nationwide protest because we need to make prosecutors and judges names infamous across the nation, not just the victim's names.

Yes, we need attention when black and brown people are mowed down, especially when they are unarmed. But we need to follow up on punishing the rest of the guilty, those that are hiding within justice system itself.

As Martin Luther King seems to be saying to me this year, we need to focus on those within the system and those that created at the same time.  We need to avenge our martyred children by putting the shooters and the protectors of the shooters in jail. Failing that, we should be putting the protectors of bad cops out of a job.

When the system is not there to provide cover for cops, white supremacy's leading edge, they'll stop shooting us at will and not before. 

* * * * *
In case you're confused as to why Darren Wilson is walking around free after killing Mike Brown. Just give this video on Assistant D.A. Kathi Alizadeh 10 minutes then decide if you want to hear the rest. Listen to it in the background. You'll be amazed.