Saturday, January 30, 2016


Whoopi Goldberg said she's not an African American (or a "Black American") She said that she is just an American.
Read it here folks For the love of colorblind white people, what is going on with The New Blacks? I am so done!

You know what? The One-percenters? They can go to h*ll especially if they're black (a.k.a. "The New Blacks." Whoopi should take Bill Cosby's hand and take him with her. I'm not interested in an apology or a clarification. Just make her leave "The View" and the public view.
Photo: Whoopi Goldberg public domain David Shankbone
Seriously though? We need to boycott The New Blacks. The reason they got the jobs they have in the first place is to diversify the program and ATTRACT US.

Between Whoopi and Raven on this show ALONE, white producers SHOULD have to decide whether the controversial things these idiots say is going to attract ENOUGH WHITE people to the show to make it worth losing people of color.

We, people of color, are 1/3 of the population. WE CAN DO IT NOW. If white people were enough to keep these shows on the air, Whoopi wouldn't have a damn job. Time to retire her black elitist @$$
There's already a petition to remove Raven. There needs to be one to remove Whoopi too.
I decided to boycott this show a long time ago, so I can't join you.. I can't boycott something I already refuse to watch. I can only hope that the rest of you will join me.