Friday, January 29, 2016


They called her breakfast. 

She didn't move

They didn't check on her

They called for a snack

She didn't move.

They didn't check on her

They asked her if she wanted to take a phone call

She didn't move

They didn't check on her

They, the adults running Kentucky's Lincoln Village Juvenile Detention Center, were supposed to check on her every 15 minutes. The interactions I just listed were much further apart than 15 minutes. Clearly, they didn't even check on her then.

Official excuses begin and end with Gynnya's behavior being consistent with non-response.

An expert quoted in the article below says that kids are in a kind of shock when they are first put into a juvenile detention center. Gynnya's behaving as if depressed --before they ignored the fact that she was dying or already dead-- doesn't require an expert's diagnosis. Someone should have been trying to get her to interact, to talk, telling her everybody is scared at first.

I'm straddling fury and tears.

* * * * *

"My mother was calling her to check on her and see what was going on. And they hung up on her like four times. It kept getting disconnected. And then when she finally got through they said (McMillen) was unresponsive," Simms said.
It is not yet clear what time McMillen's mother first called, or why she was disconnected. It is also not clear why McMillen was alone in a cell or how often she was checked on throughout the night. In Kentucky, youths in isolation must have video surveillance at all times. That footage has been turned over to investigators.

McMillen's death is currently under investigation by the Kentucky State Troopers and the Justice Cabinet's Internal Investigation's Branch. Officials have so far indicated they believe McMillen died in her sleep...

Last week, Justice Cabinet Secretary John Tilley requested the investigations be expedited along with McMillen's autopsy, but Simms criticized the slow trickle of information so far....


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Like I said, when 16 year old male, football players drop dead for no reason there's an expedited autopsy that shows SOMETHING.  People are paying attention long before the autopsy. Experts have something to say about what they thing MAY have happened.

Another article I read says that the-anonymous-they don't think her death was heart related.

We'll have to wait and see what killed Gynnya other than her care givers not bothering to give a damn  

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