Monday, September 26, 2016


A FEW RANDOM THOUGHTS ON THE DEBATE. (I didn't take notes. So forgive me if I missed things)

Gwen Ifill on PBS asked why people keep asking if Hillary is likable. She wondered if people ask men that question.  Someone answered that Trump is obviously not likable. So there's no real comparison to be made. But I think Ifill may have a point.

I wonder the same thing. But Hillary is a stiff. But she was less stiff than usual. And she may be suffering in comparison to her husband, the charisma king.  But with me? Brains go a long way. And she's leagues ahead of Trump in the brains department. She tagged him pretty hard on a few issues.

1) TAX RETURNS 1: She talked about what he's possibly hiding by not showing his tax returns like every other presidential candidate. And pretty much let us know he's lying when he says its due to the IRS audit. She said the IRS told her it's not problem for him to show his taxes.

2) TAX RETURNS 2:  She accused him of not paying into this country he believes in when her refuses to pay any federal taxes. (He hasn't in years past. He didn't claim he paid any last  year)

3) She accused him of cheating people who work for him by not paying them as agreed. He didn't even deny this very strongly. He said something like 'Maybe I didn't like the work.' (It's happened too often. He's a liar and a cheat when it's financially beneficial

4) She talked about his being sued by the Justice Department twice for refusing to sell or rent real estate to African Americans in the past.

5) She got him to talk about making NATO pay the U.S. instead having treaties.Then she followed up by reminding the audience that G.O.P. security officials wrote an open letter saying Trump would compromise national security

6) She got Trump to trip all over himself when he was asked about his Birther accusations. 

7) She got Trump to express his hate for President Obama. (Lester Holt pretty much set the tone when he opened the debate with how the economy is doing well. Trump was forced to imply that the American economy is doing well, but he said it's in a bubble that will pop when interest rates go up.

8) Trump talked about his business sense over and over. Hillary - 'You declared bankruptcy 6 times.' His basic answer was 'Those were business decisions. I took advantage of laws that were there" (which he may have been applying to NOT paying any federal taxes --OR-- NOT paying people who work for him. Dishwashers to architects have complained about him not paying them what they were owed according to Hillary)

9) Trump fell apart when asked about race in general. He still hates immigrants. But he didn't mention the wall...Or I missed it. He basically communicated that black neighborhoods are hell, and expressed sympathy for 'those poor people.' Then he used the "law and order" dog whistle a bunch of times. Babbling b.s. that made no sense followed.

10) Trump made a gaslight-y comment about Clinton not "looking" a certain way. He tried to change what he said to being about her "temperament" then her "stamina"  He was calling her an incapable little woman. Transparent a glass, this moron. Holt wasn't having it. Clinton wasn't either. She tagged him a little on women's issues. She mentioned his lecher-like behavior at beauty pageants. But I wish she'd had more time to hit him a few more times here -- hit him hard.

  Clinton vs Trump Regarding Black Lives Mattering

The disproportionate shooting of black men by police was mentioned. That's how the conversation turned though "Black Lives Matter" was not mentioned specifically. 

That moron Trump walked on stage not knowing or not caring that stop and frisk was declared unconstitutional. He tried to say it was a good thing. Clinton told him murder rates continued to go down after stop and frisk was declared unconstitutional. Clinton tried to set him straight as did Lester Holt, the moderator from NBC, but Trump didn't care about facts -- as usual.

I wish the guns and the NRA had been brought up separate from what's happening in black neighborhoods. Stating that guns kill more black men than anything else in this particular section of the debate got way too close to black-on-black crime for my taste, way too close.

However, Clinton went further than other white candidate has gone on race by

(a) calling Trump a "racist" three times and
(b) saying she would try to work on implicit bias in police departments.

However she was too careful and very middle of the road for my taste as far as saying "training" is going to help police officers not shoot unarmed black people (in so many words). Yeah, everybody suffers from implicit bias. But  implicit bias is supposed to be a mostly unconscious thing. You might be able to explain the initial shooting of an unarmed black person by a white officer using "implicit bias" (as it leads to straight racism in my opinion.)  And she did talk directly about the reality of institutionalized racism. 
But you can't explain the white officers that lie to cover up for their cop murderer partners and the white prosecutor and the white judge that all lie to keep the white cop murderer out of jail. Half to most of what the white accessories are doing are CONSCIOUS decision making. These race based and/or racist decisions are made to keep a member of the white tribe out of jail. You can't train that away. You can't "awareness" that away. The only way to deal with most of these white racist cops shooting black people is to do a better weed out job, prevent racists from getting hired in the first place and also putting those who get caught in jail for long sentences.
Again, the solution to the white cops shooting black people who are no threat to them and men that claim to not understand consent is the same. Put offenders in jail quickly and for a long time and potential future murderer cops and rapists who claim to be "confused" will get un-confused really quick.    
Both candidates are white. Hillary did better on race than I expected. Like I said, the placement of the gun control talk was bad, very. And I didn't like seeing her trying to soft peddle the crap cops have been doing (which wouldn't be necessary if she called out white prosecutors and white judges too)

But she's better than Trump by miles and miles. Trump might wind up making our allies want to bomb us.

Hillary needs to master creating one liners on the fly.  She was flexible and she did move when Trump desperately changed the subject. But, for example, when he started bragging about some building he was constructing early and under budget --as evidence he can run the country like a business, she should have cut him off saying-- "It's under budget? How many middle class Americans you refusing to pay this time?"  

Outcome: Trump lied a lot. Duh