Sunday, September 11, 2016


If you are in another country dreaming of coming to the land of the free, it's not likely that your dreams contain positive images of black and brown people --not if you are looking at White American news, White American television, and White American movies. So when people from other countries come to the U.S. they are coming here fulling intending to align themselves with the winning team, the white people. --- not the lazy, stupid, criminal black and brown Americans they've seen transmitted into their home country.

As I've said before, a few people that I've known over the years, born elsewhere have informed me that, when they first came to America, they expected all the black people to be criminals. They were actually surprised to meet black people who have jobs, children they take care of, fathers living in the home with their children. 

It may surprise some to learn that some of the foreigners coming to America are surprised that Black Americans are normal human beings with average amounts of love, pettiness, generosity, and greed attached to their souls are not only white people from Europe.

Part of the strife between Black Americans and Africans in America is born of the absorption of anti-black stereotypes prior to arrival in the United States. Black people from the Caribbean can look down on American Blacks as well

But I don't want to put all the blame for anti-blackness or anti-black-american-ness at the feet of white people.  Human beings like to look down on other human beings. In the United States in 21st century the social order has white people on top. People coming to the United States from all other countries, predominantly white, black, asian, etc., all of them want to align themselves with the winning team when they get here. Black and brown people just aren't the exception we'd like them to be. 

When the Irish came to the United States they were depicted as monkeys and such in the newspaper. They were truly discriminated against and were not considered "white." Italians weren't always considered white either.  But the Irish,  **using the enemy of my enemy is my friend** technique, were rapidly able to become white.  What the Irish did was yell their hatred of blacks to the roof tops, change their clothes, and lose their accent and a claim to whiteness was theirs.

And the closer to white, in appearance, you are, the more likely you are to be successful at joining the socially winning team called "white people."  But as I stated above, dark-skinned people like Africans can also join whiteness by declaring a common frenemy.  And there are all sorts of dog whistles a light-skinned or dark-skinned foreigner can blow to declare themselves.

And I think we, as people of color, have to do a better job looking out for those who want our support but don't want to support us back. We crave unity. And that's a good thing. But there are black and brown people, light and dark, that only see us as bodies to stand upon to raise themselves up.

More to come in Part 2

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