Tuesday, September 13, 2016


It's happening again. Maybe. In the Bronx.

But first a little recent history:
Literally dozens of black women disappeared over 2.5 DECADES out of a small area in Los Angeles while hardly anyone noticed. A man nicknamed "The Grim Sleeper" by newspapers was arrested for 9 murders and 1 attempted murder not long ago. And he was only caught because of the one that got away. But many people think Lonnie Franklin Jr killed dozens of black women over that time period and disposed of bodies while he was working at a trash collection site because he had pictures of somewhere near 200 photos black women that are still missing.

This serial killer of black women, The Grim Sleeper, was just given a death row sentence a few months ago. But I'll bet a lot of people still never heard of him, right? That doesn't surprise me anymore, not the way the deaths of black and brown women STILL aren't considered newsworthy. But it still shocks and awes me how none of his friends and neighbors didn't know when he was killing so many women in a tiny, TINY strip of inner-city Los Angeles. A teeny, tiny area.

Once I saw a documentary on this killer I knew that some of his black male neighbors and friends SHOULD have known and WOULD have known if they gave a damn about black women who aren't saints -- forget the white police and white run news media. A couple of his friends heard the women he picked up scream in agony when he took them to a trailer he had on his property.

And now it seems there are 14 or so black and brown women missing from the Bronx. But you won't hear too much about that. You'll hear what we usually get to hear. And what we usually get to hear instead is hours and hours worth of broadcasts about some white girl that went to Aruba for Spring Break or something.

It is more than a little bit galling in the age of #BlackLivesMatter that black and brown women like Maylin Reynoso can die unremarked, except by a handful of black and brown women.

Did you know that between seven to nine black and brown women were brutally raped and gang raped in Central Park, NY in the late 80s or early 1990s and that the police did almost nothing until a white woman jogger with a high profile job was raped? And then they arrested the wrong people for it. They arrested the teenage boys now known as "The Central Park Five." There have been documentaries and little mini-films and articles made regarding what happened to the teenage black and brown boys whose lives were ruined when they were arrested for rape; given a catchy group name, "The Central Park Five; and put in prison for a crime they didn't commit. But I haven't seen a full two minute clip on the women whose lives were ruined and gang raped ("wilding") just like the white woman jogger WAS NOT (an alternate single man already in prison confessed to raping her)

So if there is a serial killer in the Bronx just getting started, you might not hear about him either, not in main stream media news, not until 2026 or 2036 after dozens or hundreds of women of color are dead, if the predominantly white main stream news media continues to cover the deaths of black and brown women the same way it does now. Come to think of it, black (and brown?) news outlets aren't good about covering the deaths of black (and brown?) women either -- not like they did for Trayvon Martin; sort of skipped over Rekia Boyd -(protests were pitiful); not like the did for Mike Brown; sort of skipped over Yvette Smith; not like they did for Freddie Gray; sort of skipped over Miriam Carey. Please give the video about the missing women and MITU about one minute of your time.