Thursday, September 29, 2016


Some think a white man wouldn't have been arrested as fast as Betty Shelby was for the murder of Terence Crutcher. I don't think I care if she was or wasn't. But it's probably true that she was thrown head first under the bus by her white male colleagues.
  1. White men threw white women under the bus when they gave black men the vote first. 
  2. White men throw white women under the bus whenever a man rapes a woman that's not a wife. 
  3. White men throw white women under the bus if a black person is making them money hand over fist (Bill Cosby, Ball Players -- until they retire, then all bets are off
  4. I won't go look up the details. But I'm almost sure that one of the first people fired after the federal probe in Ferguson was some low level woman within Darren Wilson's police department or the associate court.  

  5. Conclusion: Male supremacy is as real as white supremacy.

From Clutch Magazine Online
If there’s one thing all of these incidents have shown us it’s that officers protect their own, and considering “Law enforcement is one of the least gender diverse of any public-sector profession, with male officers accounting for more than 88 percent of the nation’s municipal police forces,” it can be assumed "their own” is men.  And in a field where 73% of officers are white, one can also assume “their own” is white men.
Hence the feeling Shelby has been hung out to dry while the old boys in blue club continues with plans to conduct business as usual — or rather murder as usual.
Further, “Data show that female cops discharge their firearms at rates far below their male counterparts, face significantly fewer civilian complaints and are less likely than men to resort to unnecessary physical force when arresting someone,” Aljazeera pointed out. Officer Shelby’s behavior clearly contradicts these findings; however I can’t help but speculate that, if convicted, her criminal punishment won’t send the message that it should to the police force. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if sexist rhetoric was implored to explain away her possible conviction instead of officers finally understanding that you cannot continue to kill black men and women and get away with it...

Female cops aren’t the problem; white male cops aren’t even the problem; racist, poorly trained cops who fear those they’ve been tasked to protect are the problem.
I don't agree with a crucial point here. White male cops being such a huge presence in police forces nationwide is the problem.

The safety in numbers feeling that whiteness gives white people in this country is always the problem. And the funny thing is this: White people feeling like their safety is dwindling because their relatives numbers are dwindling --as they are now "only" 2/3rds of the country-- is making them even more dangerous to people of color, and especially dangerous to black people who shame them by simply continuing to exist beyond the years of slavery.
White people pretend to forget slavery and divorce its effect from the present. But they know.  Shame in the short term makes people sorrowful. But long term shame? It makes people evil.
There's a story in the bible about one of King Solomon's sons that sexually desires his sister. He's after her, after her, after her. Finally he traps her and rapes her. After he gets what he wants, he hates her
Do you know why Solomon's son hates the woman he raped? He hates her because he sees her every day and he's ashamed. Most people want to get out from under feeling ashamed after a while. And the only way they can get that done is to blame the victim.  

This is why you cannot divorce white supremacy, white entitlement, male supremacy, and fear of losing social power that lives inside each white male cop from the white racism in a uniform that seeks to execute black people. 
All white male cops may not have enough racism in them to qualify as "a racist" And I won't ever believe in anybody's purity as far as having bias in favor of me-and-mine, regardless of skin color. But all that white bonding combined with white entitlement holds 73% of this country's male cops together. And it is within that white, male, police force crucible that us-cowards versus them-n*ggers is created.

White-cowardly-us mentally turns to white racism as justification for shooting black people for little or no reason. That doesn't have anything to do with training unless you're talking about diversity training.
And I thought we were over diversity training. I thought that was a done deal by now. I thought we all understood that diversity training is limited in its ability to  solve the human desire that a lot of  humans have to be superior to another. And it is that desire to be superior,that desire to have power-over, which leads to the irresistible desire to let somebody know you are superior by humiliating them or flat out killing them when they refuse to bow down.

Diversity training assumes lack of familiarity or misunderstanding.  That's wrong for the most part. What should be assumed instead is that white people, especially low education, lower middle class and poor white people are seeking to stand on somebody else so as to feel superior and that includes the lowly white male people with guns called policemen. 

People that feel like nothing because they don't have a lot of money in a capitalist society are always going to be looking for somebody to stand on. That was true 200 years ago. It's true now. And cops in their early years don't make much money.

Back in the day, the slave master's minion, the overseer, and the slave masters paddy rollers too were both motivated by the same violent white supremacy desires that you find in a large percentage of 73% of cops today.
And I do actually think that a violent white supremacy lives in the vast majority of white cops, white prosecutors, and white judges. Know why? 

Just like slavery couldn't work
without 90% or more participation from all whites,
including poor whites
(or else slaves could easily have run away),
the white cop murderers can't murder
without 90% of white cops deciding to not-see what really happened 

when they were less than a foot away from their brother murderer in blue.  
Then white judges and white prosecutors come along
and decide to not-see an obvious murder too

And the white people in North Carolina 
have gone so far as to pass a law to make sure 
the police don't have to give up police dashcam and police bodycam video 
of the suspected murder of a black person
without a subpeona 
-- videos paid for with tax dollars.
Believe me. ONLY WHITE LIVES MATTER can't work without massive white support, just like slavery didn't. 
And for anybody still unsure about just how deep the white racism goes in police departments across this country, please be reminded that the largest police unions in this country recently decided to support Donald Trump, the most prominent face of racism today.
The Fraternal Order of Police, which bills itself as the largest police union in the world, endorsed Donald J. Trump (R) for president Friday, saying that Trump “understands and supports our priorities, and our members believe he will make America safe again.”

Trump responded to a 12-page questionnaire from the FOP and then met with its leaders last month in Trump Tower, the union’s executive director, Jim Pasco, said Friday. Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton did not respond to the questionnaire until weeks after the early August deadline had passed, Pasco said, which did not give the FOP time to distribute her answers to state lodges across the state, and the union did not meet with her.

The FOP did not endorse a presidential candidate in 2012, and has not endorsed a Democratic candidate since Bill Clinton in 1996, Pasco said. [But they went out of their way to support Trump. Message received]

The thing that bugs me about this white woman cop going to jail so fast when white men cops don't is similar to what bugs the author. 
Yeah, I think this woman would have been protected if she was one of the boys. She's being thrown to the wolves because she's a panicky female (despite women cops firing their weapons a lot less). And her panicky female stereotype is going to get the blame instead of her whiteness.

The white-sounding-man in the helicopter labeled Terence Crutcher as big, black, scary monster guy stereotype almost instantly.  That is, the white sounding man in the helicopter brought his white racism to the scene of the crime (or hovered above it) And the female officer, Betty Shelby, brought her white racism with her to the scene of the crime too. Only she was on the ground, closer to big black scary monster guy and was able to shoot the big black demon she saw in front of her --just like Darren Wilson did.

I say chances are better than 50/50 a white jury is going to see the same thing the white-sounding male officer in the helicopter did, the Darren Wilson did, and then find themselves sympathetic. 
Only White Lives Matter is going to be the song they're singing...again.