Friday, April 15, 2016


Imani Wilmot, Surfer 
Only daughter of Claudette “Maggie” and Anthony “Billy” Wilmot , Imani “Lei Lei” Wilmot springs from a long line of creative writers, dancers, musicians and surfers. Her grandparents Fred and Cynthia Wilmot have been icons in the writing, broadcasting and publishing fields for over five decades and have received numerous national accolades for theirwork.

Her father is the godfather of Jamaican surfing and her brothers are professionals in the sport.Growing up with five brothers on the beach in 8 Miles Bull Bay, Imani quickly adopted the skills, the determination, and the attitude it takes to be a female surfer in a male-dominated sport.

Imani has received an Honors B.A in Environmental Studies and Film studies and has been involved in a number of film probjects. But she's still a surfer. And she is the founder and coordinator of the first all girls surf club in Jamaica. 


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