Friday, April 8, 2016


This is not from Cecile's series on the "Untold Stories Of The Black Diaspora"  But this is a perfect supplement to the Strolling Series.

In Italy discuss, Bellamy, David, and Loretta of Afro-Italian Souls discuss with sarcasm and humor:

Who's really "Colored" around here?

"Black" is not an insult


Black People In The United States

Donald Trump

You know what?

Black folks share some of the same problems no matter where they are in the world.  And it's becoming apparent that this is so because white folk do the same nonsense all over the world

About the source website: Afro-Italian Souls
Afroitaliansouls is a look at the Afroitaliano world 

The discovery of souls that make us , in order to expose the black excellence in Italia. Created by two Italian girls : Grace was born in Cerignola ( FG ) to Nigerian parents and Bellamy was born in Pavia parents Ugandan / Sudanese . The discovered one another via youtube , soon noticed that they share the same interests and ideals , in particular, they discovered they have a similar history, being both " Afroitaliane " .