Sunday, June 25, 2017


"A “friendly fire” incident in which an off-duty St. Louis policeman was shot while coming to the aid of fellow officers has taken on racial overtones after an incendiary claim by the injured officer’s attorney: The officer was viewed as a threat because he was black.
The St. Louis Police Department has not identified any of the officers involved in Wednesday night’s incident. The officer who shot the off-duty policeman is white. All seven officers involved are on administrative leave as the department sorts out what happened..."
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This country's police departments are the leading edge of white supremacy. Don't ever forget that institutionalized racism is institutionalized deepest in police departments. And everybody that works for them is potentially affected. That's why I don't instantly feel safer if I see a black face in a police uniform.  

I had an Uncle that was a good black man and a good police officer. But I also know that mini-me versions of Sheriff David Clarke exist  -- and I knew before I saw a good depiction of a internalize racism suffering black cop in the Spike Lee's movie DO THE RIGHT THING 
In case you've forgotten Sheriff Clarke is the Sheriff who has had black people die in his jail of things like dehydration...and nearly got a position in Trump's administration BECAUSE of the dead black bodies he tends to tap dances over while he sings *I'm tough on crime*

Everybody should know that SOME black cops that have internalized white racism down to their bone marrow exist and are dangerous.

That's how I know that off-duty black cop was attacked by a white supremacy soaked police department, no matter what color face was attached to the man that attacked him for no reason -- same as Sandra Bland, same as Philando Castile.  

A white cop shot did shoot this off-duty, black officer on in this case. But I would not have been surprised if it had been a Clarke mini-me.

I am not confused about where the deadliest forms of anti-blackness reside in this country -- no matter what it looks like.

Again, the cop that shot the black, off-duty police officer was white.  But I will not be surprised if the other cops around the shooter WHO WERE NOT WHITE got close to shooting the off-duty, big, scary, black guy as well.

I refuse to be surprised if the other officers, regardless of race, defend the shooter. Don't you be surprised either.

This white man in the photograph above is slightly less rare than hen's teeth  I need to see a lot more of this tor trust police in general.